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Lyunevilsky hook - beadwork  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: beadwork on Essentially this is the same tambour stitch speaking of breaching Stitch we put beads is very important submit beads correctly we thread strung with beads We hold two fingers and is served by two beads fingers the tip keep the strings Stick to three three fingers not squeezing and simply Practicing Now take 2 tablets 2 fingers Do the beads stitch substitute
  • 00:32: Beads straight finger and we do loop beads sewn next stitch will present a finger bead sews next stitch decided must be submitted
  • 01:01: Beads decided to serve carefully several Yet beads and finger I then submit one can be direct attached and keep a finger at cloth to see the distance between the beads the shorter the stitch denser will sew beads to take short stitch and beads
  • 01:33: rests tightly better make little freer because whilst cutting seam can deformed due the fact that not enough place beads the next one in order to perform an angle 2 corner beads, we also We make small tack
  • 02:00: change direction embroidery beads in this case, large and it is not enough space unfold sew
  • 02:30: Now do tie-off at the end bead series a small chain of forward direction lines and now we take a step back along the line hiding under the hook beads back next ago We tighten finished