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Materials for a course on a vestibule embroidery (an embroidery a lyunevilsky hook, a lyunevilsky embroidery) - YouTube VICTORIA BOYKO  See details »

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  • 00:02: Good afternoon Today I'll show you those material which we will work to date you understand that must buy for the course and we were ready so most budget way to work with Putin it's such here wooden hoops they may be sized from 25 to 30 centimeters view but the best range fasten could countertops their clamps buy clamp
  • 00:31: metal strong 5 centimeters is how just enough distance to to countertop with hoop attach tightly not to finger go shake here such a tulle yes it is the most best material for work This tulle average rigidity or his semi call when we buy tulle we check to one side it is not stretched entirely and
  • 01:00: the second cross minimally stretched not as the euro tulle much that is, share practically stable material and weft in permissible transverse barely barely perceptible it extensibility not much because we We need it zapilivaem tight and our stuff It must be stable zapilivanija more strings to The first task of arrows you can safely take surb heel flax yarn lasso our
  • 01:32: Russian is not rushing dense and quite suitable for first where we exercise just put the hand and We train in the selection direction and permutation hands at Check it out lessons work with threads of until we put them hand on for further already advancement rate I recommend more professional thread firms Hitler they are tight enough
  • 02:02: and not rushing from room 120 shade I take any absolutely white or so close to him roar virtually invisible on the verge of monofilament not. for more than of high a personal level more difficult but tie uzelochek she is strong practically discreet embroidery wrong side in this products will ideal number is 120 composition density
  • 02:30: wide polystar berline hitler a man group further thread Modera Great for beginners for the first three tasks for follow our very well aware tied wishbone one hundred percent polyester 120 number density of not rushing and I believe that quite a good option for making experience and Guterman enough common good German
  • 03:00: thread number 100 this color density I recommend and tulle and not so white even if you work with color fittings we staem beads so close that thread can not be seen should not be the eye if we are tired We start with black black work colors that are not too tired eyes on black Beaded black tulle and it does not benefit training so I I recommend with light tone start Guterman the table is also quite It is also suitable for first jobs and follow and very good
  • 03:30: fastened in Darling sequins you take any it can tidy be a flat shape round can be form platter It is desirable that for I am beginning it was five or six millimeters in diameter and only later you can go to here such here small size closer to graduation the they are more difficult with smaller them to work already have this time Skill I recommend It begins more simple options such a lot of sequins You will not need to have
  • 04:01: have decent the task where there will be a picture on with sequins and paillettes You can use thesis work and as there is job where we train knit chain there too we but we use sequins a very small so the amount of 1 upakovochke you well small enough to beginning of scissors you You may take any manicure can take here such as in I really for textile lace work any sharp scissors that you have it
  • 04:31: not suitable for our works prices further hooks are the most important sore topic for hook if you have Indian hook they very inexpensive if you will find buy Statement for training it is also useful can have but we the main focus of course is to English hook I I recommend this case to take it French cap distinguishing which feature It is the density needles and needle
  • 05:01: highly dense not bend resistant and if you dilute it there is no bulb inside that is, I recommend buy it French hook French needles if you see flask which inserted into lever handle it it is also an analogue Lubomirski hook it also referred to as usually leads him Site smeared or similar sites I'm not American I can say anything about the producer I
  • 05:30: I think it's taiwan or he is a good china yet we feel too It can be used on French wins it for distorted and the needle density and numbering French breast a little thinner at if the same numbering take and compare 8 ten French and 8 ten analogue you You notice that there the difference is here in the diameter of the stubble French bit better if you already is an analog of the It is working in what has it means the hook Indian can be
  • 06:01: for kit experience but the emphasis we will have a major nevertheless it is necessary to Belsky kachok more we mark up drawing my colleague precious prompted me posh cat posh a way that used French fashion designer creating their collections are used here are Here pilot handles email paradise and not ashamed erased and we name draw on and Fotini then gently
  • 06:30: removes traces of iron it should be fully ie after writing drawing pass on Photinia it perfectly draws on batting and gel and ballpoint they are both washable you spend iron neatly ff dove is completely very convenient for work and this track clearly visible at embroidery is very I recommend these pens All my online group right now I have passed to them prada or any pen
  • 07:00: can the ball and you can gel pilot write erase a series on we embroider we recommend start to work with acrylic it is inexpensive pearls Do not always easy pulls the fabric that is it not a heavy blow not She pulls her its severity and enough budget by price his small the number itself pearl can be four to six millimeters is recommended values can be
  • 07:31: various larger slightly less further beads may they take any must be size from three to five millimeters better if this part 7 percent if you You find what is analogs please use services can be to any of that it may be a string you loose which is also quite you will approach to beginning Beads Beads it is very important time to recommend to work with the Czech Republic and the scope of the film highly recommend
  • 08:01: number eight found all the same number nine smaller than us must and almost 10 very good for With rare exceptions therefore I recommend eight if you will find it the best option Beads and buy much less did not immediately 300 grams of it will need to Most jobs and in those where we train y and closer to the diploma the project is also why it's eight most optimal Look for the Truth yes I prompt a site where the address buying it
  • 08:30: sent by city Russia is not yet have exactly come for Rhinestones desirable if you have them but you find it optional country its rules can be look for them in stores the city but it is rare their products can search on aliekspresse there better chance of find some teacher Sozin launched this arrangement holes holes located inside Cross that is nowhere
  • 09:00: parallel when you enter a paste a needle cross cry so here and now and so we provyazyvaem money checkboxes sew provyazyvaem them through the second one hole leaves intact I recommend to work with such Rhinestones for experience if you will not find them just this is now not is the major course moment so nothing okay if they have you will not be aware of So we need Fields we need clamp to strengthen tulle
  • 09:31: the right quality Why will draw it. scissors or any professional or analogs of any nail type pearls beads naturally the hook without hook we go any anywhere, and not point of some days on your taste you buy and continue work on just such I do not advise stop name of knit accessories not very comfortable more
  • 10:00: subtle variations here three of any of them you are welcome use you You will rejoice how they are comfortable and fine quality both Germany and easily provyazyvayutsya well in the product neat looks and and another icon time for amateur training we we use either a large needle or little we recruit This igolochkoj beads any of your code beaded gone
  • 10:30: number ten eleven or Twelve to your needle at hall in the bead that is, you work fast manifest to bead needle Knit your soon bead means it yes it suits me It can be quite long you gain short I show how this very convenient to everything in this an overview of the materials we they must be completed form has been Victoria bike I'm glad you see on your course to meetings