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  • 00:08: Hello friends and Yuri Primachenko and you channel carpenter mischief today you I talk about cabinet we did for 1 and recreation [music] tell enough details will review one cabinet I I hope that you have something find out for yourself an interesting and
  • 00:30: at least look like similar product do we compare and his ways how do you and so attention to the screen and what of yourself are these cabinets This wardrobe made from an array media only river here plywood remnants the back wall but I would This revealed details of the case, he for recreation who have name oberyn positioning itself as a family base
  • 01:01: rest and that's why the main thread in center we asked We made him ill to somehow emphasize this accessory furniture to the same base but that is not in this closet represents a Now such a structure having a basis his wooden the container comprising two tanks and upper lower. middle and side of the web which divides the cupboard in two parts which I'll
  • 01:30: the resident later within the overall dimensions cabinet height ledge 215 cm height the top point two hundred and thirty cm width enclosure as a forehead 53 centimeter useful depth without taking into account the rear wall 48 centimeters in total Here is a wardrobe to the width of the enclosure from the tank 80 Sati is not to
  • 02:00: decide how the visually it is a way wardrobe somehow decorate it was decided to cornice in and under the eaves q different radii for Accommodation here this Here the thread and under the cornice ki again I repeat the container rear wall container jumper back wall are two doors for To this cabinet
  • 02:30: fine exploited and we operated We decided to fly at the door the way that I told Video doors wide open and way to Example the same cabinet said that during during operation since the constant people change tourists not to damage to the door so the door open I am ready oh to decorate somehow the closet doors were
  • 03:00: leaf overlaid overhead and rave pilasters and large on patkar thread drive to visually visually looked equally Naturally these cutters have been made 11 centimeters 7 These cutters centimeters so way general view It allows in general, then look at the closet and see some specific normal proportions who do not get out
  • 03:30: from the general concept cabinet cabinet mounted on four legs and two of They chiseled two rectangular rear Well here you see bottom of the enclosure the lower part have not drawers and drawer separated but this body 1 and a plinth bottom of a heavily bulges thickening given as top refers to
  • 04:02: in front of the sides and the rear portion but the front but also carved and have plug-in round tenon 25 millimeters hind legs I have to one of the videos we told them making him an instant freestyle form sanded and rounded edges on our band press and also having round to dowel 25 millimeters
  • 04:31: foot inserted here These thickening here Another feature side coat it example is is that they cover a a base and a body to fountains they glue therefore have more strengthening in some function but the upper part cabinet what else we go on then razor cabinet made due to
  • 05:00: sham strips which covers the gap between the two halves doors internal internal cabinet divided into 2 parts the right side has four shelves distance between shelves 36 centimeters We decided to do less because
  • 05:30: general that make it conveniently enough well live some of the stack towels and linen so then at this height separation It occurred at lower Corresponding point here Low you down here the same distance Well here are a few but I got over I think that this is not significantly left half also It has one shelf hats there and and so on
  • 06:01: [music] bar on which can be hung Hi ale and things in general lower It can also be part of the put some briefcase bag there or something else to that in general such here the idea was and so it is embodied in life of the rear wall how to look represents a legal structure composed clear panels
  • 06:31: as its hardly see we decided not to make natural wood panels have decided make it from plywood As you know the array wood a little less resistant to various These ship and so more than e.g. too chipboard so the product of wood back panel It plays a very important the role of the rear wall the split Aronova it has a thickness of 20
  • 07:00: millimeters in the rear tanks in their otherwise you are at the back wall in the tanks me Rear output start from a rear wall and you see that I have I show here Here's a great case product Features plays back wall it is the role of the following keeps all cabinet in the forward housing that is, the rear corner the wall is very important similar products All shelves are made
  • 07:31: the way of which I have often often told I am talking and telling described video shelf without the ship is not that is, It has enough greater depth so I put the feathers t-shaped for avoid not ship I in this case shelves and shadows are visible and any gaps a large shrinkage pedi forward protrusion on functionality will not affect but
  • 08:00: Shelves are without not wooden ship stick or tych we We are talking with fame as a made of oak shelf supports Do the same with the sailors Shelf some slots to To be able to remove the sword and the there is here distance and made but hard enough held once again free It hung there trempel 1 here are
  • 08:31: cabinets to stop on the cornice of food Elena Podkaminskaya have different heights here it has 15 or 17 cm I do not remember here Anymore It has done it especially so Ensures the central part can be place everywhere else about a particular I have this cabinet I tell it firstly thickening on the sides as you can see they made for To compensate
  • 09:01: what is possible bending tank block 2 thickness centimeters and a thickness 2 embodiment also centimeters with the inside thickening rounded and she will not be there cling to clothing and etc. as well 3 hinges on the door they also help I do not avoid the ship as the cutter door and tanks because closed these three loops also hold in general in certain position as the door
  • 09:31: we have it because the door opens as I said to plowing us It needed hide under the door eaves under the cornice q so he made one bead on is already thickening then imposed under cornice to which stabbed to death but as and ledge 45 ie degrees on the condition at the bottom on the ground bottom of a well we there is thickening protruding and allowing cover door in this way here
  • 10:01: what features production of this cabinet for his part of the cabinet Now you see here It looks like this Cabinet back without back Elements of the uterine wall I would like to draw Attention no rear legs skirting essay
  • 10:30: are shown below central quarter jumper selected in their tanks for rear wall rear wall thick temple 2 centimeter here the same sample depth 2 cm here's rear view god of the cornice to the backfilled More top part on top of the cabinet and then on the ledge under the
  • 11:01: cornice thus Here we turned cabinet is higher than we could to make housing lower cabinet itself appears above and below here Elevation doors he's 75 or 80 millimeters and almost do not need the upper one was cabinet making curved due to both
  • 11:31: you know the width under the eaves and a ki Corresponding low tones front of us could do here the transition and calculated in such a way the height of the door we did not have no thickening Let's snap Well here's the door and enter Filenko inserted this is for convenience paintwork That's how these cabinets It looks back
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