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Smeshariki's cake Cream cake a coloring for children Decoration of cakes\/\/\/Olya Tortik  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello and my channel today will Cake decorating for children Smeshariki here so I monitor computer redrawn here Here are a risunochek themselves and Now chocolate which has already melted
  • 00:31: Are you sure you are not a chocolate chocolate glaze and I melted at water bath typed But in a bag and now it's out chocolate frosting I will draw Ilsur I edge of the pouch just a little cut and draw drawing chic pattern
  • 02:18: who has painted set in the fridge for so that he stood Meanwhile today I will cover you turkic protein cream cake filling me Snickers and as a cause Is it very often cooking and this should be cake for you do not and those recipe this cake show for jewelry I cooked protein here such cream nice tight protein-custard to decorate this cake 4 protein I Now I have prepared
  • 02:48: a little cream the cut top and sides of cake and then I'll decorate cake on just chic risunochek good grab in refrigerator good will harden you ask me to comments whence take such I draw pictures let's say from computer monitor I put a sheet paper to the monitor and
  • 03:18: I describe one there is a printer Of course a lot easier you yourself have printed desired size such pictures and all so I took out the refrigerator chocolate pattern So he stood well I I take out a sheet of paper I leave him in
  • 03:51: side and drag our natures risunochek putting a figure cake hand Smooth to all the parts are well crosses and left on the cake if all somewhere on someone place crack chocolate
  • 04:21: drawing is not scared to leave over This is not noticeable be careful sure that all Circuits were on cake that's all select a file and all prepared cake Coloring and ready Now it will be execute and paint color we have cream on Cake 3 characters of
  • 04:53: cartoon Smeshariki and Tanya Croche and Hedgehog I now I am beginning paint here this hero hedgehog I dialed cream purple flowers in kornetik a little bit and cut off the edge kornetika and small We make out the dots our picture desired dots
  • 05:26: do one direction so as to be beautiful look drawing more beautiful be careful [music] [music]
  • 06:33: [music]
  • 07:20: [music] [music]
  • 07:51: Now here is a small nozzle for the grass and I will do grass on the cake is 133rd number cream dyed dye the product's liquid a bright color I turned and do grass on the cake the protagonist is already almost ready Tomichi a couple of parts I left paint
  • 08:21: they do like this weed fluffy beautiful [music] head covered and
  • 08:51: 5 star This leaves room 33 I'm going to cake decorating then I took a pouch cream white light and Using this nozzle cake Decorating [music]
  • 09:55: I also gained Carnatic and cream yellow now! before drawing Circuits on some the cake is a candle eg yellow will do candles or rather because they are on the Cake 3 here so there the yellow flowers case and flowers on head darling and still yellow I
  • 10:41: I want to make the sun [music] Now I will
  • 11:12: draw up sides of cake I took this to nozzle closed star number 30 number 30, cream white color and make the side cover on the cake I Of course usually sides cake start decorate draw up As decorating the top cake but today me something contrary gone but nothing is not Of course you are scared do as you more convenient like this zigzag
  • 11:44: decorate the side cover Cake packing time from the time it is necessary rub necessarily until a cake I'm comfortable still do bordyurchik on top of the cake pits curb will do in different colors
  • 12:15: such that side I form cream blue color do here this Is this the spiral zigzag along the edge cake like this Now then we do same same in that the spiral dark purple color on the bottom of the tour I I make a small
  • 12:50: such dots in blue [music] the Smeshariki already I'm still willing to cake decorated mastic
  • 13:20: decor you have seen I'm on the top postal and flowers of mysticism butterfly and mastic also around the cake I would add these Figl florets trans after all, on the tape of mastic in Ukrainian language I did inscription Lease of the 4 pen here so bright interesting and cake now adorns very much straight I love make out decorating baby cakes it is very very interesting turns
  • 13:50: bright smart kids love these cakes a few words crosscourt Cake tell weight this cake I turned 2700 and the size 20 30 I hope that design ideas this cake you It will be useful can someone of you to their diets their grandchildren to nephews make here is a grace cake
  • 14:20: can someone Here's a handy idea I would be very it is very nice to glad Well and today all dear viewers Thank you for thanks for attention They were with me soon I'll see you all until till [music]