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Sensational treatment of arthrosis!!! Opening of the Russian scientists - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Orenburg doctors mastered a simple and at the However, effective method of treatment osteoarthritis of the knee joint doctors We created a unique based preparation stem cells, he It will allow many people to to avoid those who have a disability before preparing for life with a prosthesis will return opportunity independently walk the miraculous medication report Sergei Arsenyev I I do not even believe that here this one can prick Well done I say a miracle forgot what leg I can sleep at night
  • 00:31: then calmly got that night I I turn around Basil woke up Filippovich has already put an end to household pigs chickens and ducks let the garden under the knife I scored so plagued leg so It was to prick later half the land dug wife notes the dramatic it was hard to change it certainly walk it somehow but it is now a straight flying people in the alpha fly a few more
  • 01:02: years ago Regenerating technology Orenburg only We discussed today have something to show the you now see on their screens is not just training the gym is the most the real miracle is possible more afraid of Sergey high in Ostrovsky another patient received a miracle inject it twice younger basil Povich but arthrosis of age have not watched old sports injury almost He turned young a disabled person not happy already personal limit sport and in the family
  • 01:32: work throughout all How to stop giving uncertainty's I would like to make it over here again I think that Results are in Rennes burg they now popular singers and politicians and major heroes of science conference it is just about them doctors cure observe the course experiment I enjoy sharing the results of arthrosis It was the first to win without to complex operations install endoprosthesis patient It comes he spends procedure for
  • 02:02: day and he goes home should be at the hearing and and later there for two weeks he you are already pain and donate already Connor leave goes improvement and own fat the patient's tissue laboratory isolated stromal you cooler hydrochloric fraction that is stem and related cells how secret and know-how of the regional transfusion station blood if your age the amount is not count it all then to the patient conventional joint enters the syringe the resulting substrate and cells immediately begin
  • 02:32: work after six months cartilage recovering almost 1 someone tried this technique Treatment was my father we managed it help just single It was the introduction of this nearly four years ago and so far it happy is just as his suburban economy walking distance saved I was able to ride on the car she even the car was not new year ago he did I acquired because he realized that he again
  • 03:02: can manage miracle medicine has I put on your feet dozens of Russians Now clinical Test Exposure more ambitious the next level two years of science development well may develop into providing standard medical care that I have to get a shot will be free by MHI policy the drug will not go anywhere because everyone people are always him with Sergei all nothing akims Mikhail Sitnikov