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  • 00:00: more pain in the lower back pain reduce the leg more you crazy you should to live without pain so said Dr. pored who treats pain in 1 minute Lord of Pain Mark Halperin our guest program even alterg antigank believe on our kitchen near him our wonderful Dmitri Shubin we today The product causes pain conduct audit in your refrigerator
  • 00:31: make us you are welcome secret boxes will sort out [music] radio new telly but to us some introductory words tell or immediately Guests will call market we did Viseu our refrigerators so we have nothing
  • 01:01: all the bad things we throws a dumbbell it is true today believing all the bad things and about the burgers in single game mark that for burgers yes but NATO but that salt was solite chatted looking itself brought salt and some jam It is very sweet all will burn We tried so scary scary people we wound up Mark I Sales have we here There are three product which surprisingly
  • 01:31: and overall for me it was also open them when they can used to call joint pain let's invite some of our guests so that they open and not well We are here and other guest [music] so go to us as your name is Tatiana Repin then those of you who profession I am a pensioner
  • 02:01: already in general accountant so perfectly live where enemies passat Sergiev tenements Well, let's first the victim is here The product causes Pain I do not know well, knock down on your what products are sick call me all cities you suppose that here can can to be here Abbasov who uncover this is my keel
  • 02:32: I am read and sucking which when sprat than your salt probably a lot I do not I know it does not ask you probably do not have Sonia because you ask you told me Halperin let us go to we tell our what [applause] So what I was guilty
  • 03:03: teak at you salt as a salt just still gives opportunity to do so that only the tasty and we love it especially with beer nowhere to escape this a traitor and a lot gray new on it contains at Indeed, such harmful infection of which I even very often I face it contains purines Italy Chicken those substance which, if eat a lot of them they
  • 03:33: cause seizures disease which It called gout that is, they cause increase in uric acid is not derived from the body is deposited in joints are often or, and not only here in these joints in thumb when you know blushes thumb is may be in knee and we elbow in shoulder joint and Nicolas inside we your outstanding propagandist healthy life happens
  • 04:03: just great Now the number of these purine-called protein grounds uric acid Madrid would be take place crystals of uric acid deposited in joints indeed Dr. Halperin red He told how reddens and swells the first finger on the foot it's these topu here which are formed in result, they cause a painful
  • 04:33: which the state Yuval elected me question concerned all fish why we cape this already sprat contain himself maximally possible number Now this here gives principle in purines any fish again Only the most just about as likely although nothing to do with salt nose words did It does not affect fireworks well so purines in sprat deposited in joints urate acid terrible pain We are waiting for 2 guest [music]
  • 05:07: and as the second guest January 2 the crown of the second fight that in this box we lying skip woman between you Shubin yes This is dangerous because a miracle depart victory victory The product causes Pain is here He is the husband salinity both knees for lost pritalennoe not knee or It causes pain
  • 05:37: joints let's chat on shoulder blades grandmother or seeds sunflower seeds and women in this cried Venue seeds gnaws to affected wow he did not know still leaves a huge cherry fry skype cups do sitting on and their men
  • 06:07: buy and that's because went to see layouts than is so seeds Sunflower go to us for you to them, I really I love to sit and it means seeds the problem is is not you We heard about this profane the name
  • 06:37: rapist It called omega-3 it is contained in fish oil that we had never We loved this fire but it is a good Okay, so here is a substance from the same Dr. times It called omega-6 and Here is an omega 6 it contained the most in especially seeds fried and this a drug he can deposited in joints and cause pain due to the fact he delayed to articulate 6 fatty surfaces
  • 07:08: keep acid the Duke of omega-6 fatty acids and see this joint this cartilage layer between joint bones omega-6 fatty acid give rise to special substance that increase inflammatory reacting a modified or inflamed joints are pro inflammatory substance omega-6 the there from this point of course they very negative seeds contained great amount
  • 07:38: omega-6 fatty acids 100 grams of nearly 70 gram of so the grandmother no seed We forgot about the seeds and as omega-3 fatty good acid omega-6 fatty acid which many in the sunflower seeds badly destroyed joints causing pain here so there were 3 secret box of waiting 3 Properties and, as you for marina
  • 08:14: Marinochka who you are profession retired Well you a retiree that women will woman grandmother old woman and well, it is but you some worked and somewhere something We are doing really well but for it to work Cook over well here it is and tells the cook but and cook question third product causing pain and I I think may be some legumes well, for example Well lentils
  • 08:45: why and Chechelnik reason why there also making it difficult to close relatives are not lived prompts King does not open You uterus apeach it cheese cheese hard we have so great comrades here such that we bread every mouth pulled my brother you Parmesan can be straight without thinking
  • 09:17: parmesan life stop you see that the hall is difficult to shock parmesan is why and legumes too it contains ions calcium and in Parma for they are not very concentrated for by about the fact that the process production parmesan It is such that it is he's very it focuses a large number of calcium ions it something that may cause in joint pain and muscle and we're just
  • 09:48: groove too explosion or let us go to the pain our layouts overall we love it but the substance is so amplified Here is a look of pain our layout muscles keep here for this Thing and the conclusions here from the muscle relaxed decreased relaxed declined but calcium overabundance contracting muscles is vessel
  • 10:18: participate in any Kutch process in any reduction process muscles and we We talk with us the heart is beating he 2 this processor thought possible to do th you do not talk about it on this subject here, these here as calcium overload and that Socrates bit once everyone was asleep and I that is still even if soreness a small joint that and so the muscles are already ready spasmatic
  • 10:48: Parmesan tics gave no your parmesan go for it the sanction entered and muscle spazmiruyutsya ie excess Calcium is always used provoking muscle spasm is such the third situation Parmesan's product so we formed a group The product causes pain repeat three Throw to the seeds and Parmesan find out all the same as we
  • 11:20: completely eliminate partially or have any authorized dose back on the kitchen [applause] it seeds and cheese Parmesan only forbid We exclude the needs of its Well, you can then without beer no yes
  • 11:54: as you can without laughing guys waving I leave little rings you but our night reply to Chamberlain and prohibit people from metabolic disorders uric acid explicitly prohibit uniquely with gout second seeds sunflower permit or allow and Peter the timing and fully seek fully allegedly barrels here are visual crypt the power of the country simply will fall in the absence of
  • 12:25: food if seeds prohibit and finally parmesan cheese completely ban or not fully prohibits not love his people obvious that Mayor on windows pensions believed Video 2 of the piece here such a small 30 month once a day, so take a look Of course if you are ill these two joints
  • 12:55: the product is excluded cheese allow 13 grams all day is such a your religion refrigerators Friend in my interesting really unusual We educate ourselves each day with you I do this program all this will pass us it's time to talk about medicine in the police if we have constipation, and will cleaned our bowels with a wonderful doctor
  • 13:25: gastroenterologist Igor Vladimirov than film city