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Children's trousers. How knitted? Two options of children's knitted trousers  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, everybody, and Welcome to My channel name is me Alexander is a channel knitting today Video will be on requests referred to as the there I will talk about I was knitting to be panties below I will leave link of the video where I I tell about the beginning at the height of that but what not a guide to the when I select all this model and now I tell has ended a result that I like you silence did not like Just note that all this is not my first attempt to tear children
  • 00:30: pants that is, I have already They have been associated with such children's shorts on child 2 years detailed account of these shorts as I them and I will leave the room link at the bottom of the same if you do not see We looked and here me and my version knitting here this Now most of the crotch that is, here's gore looks And so in these pants I decided differently option to link with Exactly what these can date have lived it will sit and Now you will not name
  • 01:00: proceed to I tell it these recesses be too I knit pants on child 0 6 months but I was knitting them not the size of the child and just trying on baby thing so can not hide there size clearly direct complied it is small little baby child course they newborn will exact high that is, I and the hall principle with calculation of ash yarn Be-Be-Be Premier on the needles with two half the upper part I knit two lace in millimeters
  • 01:31: I relate one hundred percent Acrylic I Yarn was rolling one hundred percent acrylic he is very nice this is sufficient myagenko and besides enough hardwearing so I thought without cords which will constantly tie untied and so then it has this yarn long an so I chose her and I ordered these pants from top to bottom but I am doing open typesetting edge ie punk I I tied and only later Here's the most
  • 02:01: the upper part yes I get here a total of 100 loop that is 50 loops on the front writer ago the difference between and not part of the back often getting even binding shortened rows in me it Sankina a lot of them here it is even possible to fact consider the idea shortened number here back here here as they have already separately on a copy here still not vyvyazyvayut but it seemed a bunch enough again for what purpose I was knitting
  • 02:31: these pants that is, they I needed to they can be worn in a sling that is all still there is obtained many preloaded more than if baby just lies or just sits and so I wanted to that this is now difference was enough ie a significant nowhere to nothing attracted while the lower back is not He was naked here why me Basically that's it the upper part of it even if the roll out That's how come shtaniki the top part of it is very
  • 03:03: large but again I will say that this is the case thought that there it is not necessary to the upper part was very high since Of course if you take child who will simply lie Yes there in a wheelchair somewhere here of course part can be done less Now we go kickbacks for seredinke whose main questions arise as I knit it here I am doing just that is I identified two loops exactly in the middle exactly in the middle with one or the other hand that is even here in front and ass absolutely identical to me bound no differences in
  • 03:34: It is not and here I just did an increase that is I I am leaving these two loop unchanged and here until the two I made loops increase, and after them I I did increase, and there Every second row of the there's starting thence in general here I knit 7 of increases like these that there are a total of 14 rows etc. I just Products are divided into two feet to 2 parts and here for knitting
  • 04:04: ubavki first made her and often the family does not have also every second row, further business here for less and I do not go every the fourth row there is simply To that Minka slightly narrowed to bottom closed Yiannis normally closed I have such a nose nakida the case of a leg elastic and then at the bottom it is better stretches like all I pursue the same goal well, plus it is so I turned in here yet dovyazala entirely up
  • 04:36: the end and then I I returned back to if it moved to the top 2 then spoke millimeter I have knit 7 rows here I was knitting facial banks start knit purl the I have knit 7 purl rows then knit one a number of facial I I do to so here limited to one and the other part of that is, it's just me like it at all not necessarily make but I like it when so you have decorated the top products so much so say
  • 05:08: then he turns top then I Knit and 8 series backstitches three Impress Lebanon that is, I had the top Teplovka goes enough elastic but she told me I'm in shorts doing so as there is not much Well liked ideas I actually made two holes for lace that we are better at lace-up at the Unfortunately at the moment I do not have a child for small to I knitted these
  • 05:39: pants so on I have a small child I can not try it I tried on the pants child 2 years but we really very skinny principle I say that small simple skinny exactly high enough the length of the course they We were small but width, in principle, not nalezli I can make some conclusions about here This is the middle, I tried on the pants only in order To see as a result of this here middle so far it is convenient for
  • 06:10: child in comparison Here's an example that's a such a crotch to classical compound such that finally I can to these What shall we say lie is not exactly very convenient because that is all the same for by those of increases and ubavok here is formed here deepening so much so say and separation that is, in principle thousand it is run down and they are ideal to They sit, in principle, also quite ie normal also did not prevent
  • 06:40: but it is to find Now here begins a little pull here it's this very if the middle of this knit these pants Baby Names who go there You have two options or you can to try and knit there's more than Asia increases of more than ubavok yes as an option or knit still a here is a classic gore up in which generally there are no ie But in these shorts in general there are no problems descent I seat down Lying does not state
  • 07:11: that is, they never crushes never pull no such thing It comes first month newborn baby sling they will be comfortable because it is not due the fact that they are big wide enough in keeping with the that the child will be This will be stronger normally these pants but starting from the second the month when it is this composition in these pc it will Most likely if they pull especially will have just there or yes or already left
  • 07:41: small stock the middle there will be pull and there likely to be not as comfortable as child and we do not have specifically considered ie mother who is this the setting so for myself, I I'll take allocate here's one more pants exactly this classical gusset as well even if someone really like this Why, that option I recommend niche do more ie increases of you can even here do every second series and here already do in each row
  • 08:11: gain but in the end here respectively to do just more ubavok try to make so we have now just do not want it will spend harness such that it I want to say that which will be precise wear but perhaps later I once hold stuff experiments look therefore introduces basically my comment on it such embodiment connecting these legs I think all the main that the video told if something is not clear what is left then ask questions their comments
  • 08:41: Thank you very much to all behind him they are all good luck and smooth loops and I'll see you next