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  • 00:00: hello my dear guests and spectators today in my kitchen recipe plăcintă snip very very tasty fast with cheese cheese and dill is not sweet version of the parade ground I do not know everything in Odessa they were called plăcintă I do not know maybe because that Moldova close not know why because probably in Odessa lot Moldova falsely Well, in general shorter speaking on this recipe my kitchen for a long time they turn and it is very tasty recipe and fast that it is important so that we
  • 00:31: I need 300 grams 150 grams of curd grated cheese conventional any suitable one egg for stuffing one egg for dough For 150 grams of yogurt Test a little flour see how many Salt goes well, dill Frozen in my I had a freezer Now fetch and so We proceed to that We begin kneading pastry dough kneaded very
  • 01:01: quickly because it do not waste it on yogurt I take 150 grams of yogurt one egg a little salt here Well, that's just somewhere teaspoon even a little less if teaspoon without slides here and now I begin all it jumble and I will quietly as the fly to iPhone the dough is kneaded
  • 01:31: very quickly it easy and at the same time get a very Air so I also need a pinch of baking soda and soda will be approximately half a teaspoon udacity and we will not, and yogurt and extinguish this we acidic environment that's start now add flour Well, at this the number and today I have a small amount of probably a maximum of 2 3
  • 02:01: plăcintă me probably need two cups of flour I'm not about I know maybe 300 grams, and so now I it will all stir and now I show you add even literally spoon 2 vegetable oil Here at this stage When the dough has thickens and I will add literally just can be two table tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 02:31: Here again, I add another a little flour and I continue kneading dough dough should get soft Well here's the dough finished mixing it literally in minutes rather myagenkaya Here is such a It is a little bit sticky not afraid to leave his rest in common Difficulty 150 grams yogurt and an egg at It took me somewhere grams 300 400 flour
  • 03:02: We leave little relax the dough and until that loans filling means shall pound with cottage cheese eggs shall pound peremeshaem add here cheese all our so too is to mix things up I do not add salt on the simple reason because my cheese if you compete which took cheese
  • 03:32: or less green there is still a general substitute them Now I Stir and add here even a pinch such a good dill Here's all our We want to have the stuffing It will be our ready wait another 10 minutes to stood dough We begin to clear Well, that's placenta Now when the dough our lain down we can begin do under the
  • 04:04: me and so you see So I curds mixed with dill divided into two part I decided that I have my two fruit chain so their dough The same divide in half 2 plăcintă so all I want to tell you that this dough and the recipe If frying on pan obtained Placidus if you leave oven produced
  • 04:34: shorter storm so you decide what way you cook that's so and so will very tasty here but I today you will speed up the process do in a frying pan you see that the way cooking practically completely coincides with preparation for Chapurin so you decide how all
  • 05:04: meals and how to call cook Well now you you can see that everything is ready the placenta is ready I do not interrupt is literally minutes and frying pan at me he game and pan in I was not on the views and and oil only oiled and fire here I average even such slightly shorter than average
  • 05:35: saying six of nine possible fry will be under cover if you bake it in the oven do here hole in the middle straight fingers about if the dough tissue You do in a frying pan you do not need 45 minutes and to one side of and I will move flips It was pretty easy son daughter turned on the other side and right now, even at minute 45 the other side can be even 34 to the second
  • 06:05: of the Willow do not forget smaller wow should be average or even slightly less so with two Parties May placenta fry and I have already shoot the next I did the same I have a frying pan lubricate will not just send here skovorodochku cover with a lid and parfum 2 process and the placentas point each you and it is already possible to cut and
  • 06:36: see what it within us tasty and flavorful smell of the excellent today we'll see what we get hot really is here but I I think that it tastes just awesome Saul cook all Bon Appetit