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  • 00:00: today we Georgian cuisine We prepare well together watch all friends hi friends with you Oleg reima channel Find a recipe today we Georgian National cuisine soup with interesting called kharcho I'm not so often it cook but when ready all lanes families very happy because the soup is very tasty for me it differs especially those that made from simple elementary see ingredients Yes, all that is on table there bother too it is not necessary he is preparing to quickly
  • 00:30: all elementary principles tell you in this video look so that's what on my desk Friends have any beef We are one and a half kilograms in general Traditionally this soup cooked beef see rain there are a lot myasko yet there is a bone bone necessarily you need for a tasty wholesome fat check and fat must also be like this here at We really any beef beautiful and it will be gently if we do right shall weld Friends first thing we do we recruit 5 liter pot water and a half we need kilogram Here is 5 liters so here's to a trickle
  • 01:00: but we have less water We shall find we type here where a little more half of and put our boiled beef somewhere minutes 30-40 further further show what to do friends beef put cooked now proceed to onions Here we have this that's big head archery bow should be good chop here so that's way onion half rings us We will have it cut natural still less is there I watch the show thinly, thinly cut floor onion half rings Now see how I I cut it on the deploy there dostochku launched
  • 01:30: but strike him the cut cute cute shinkuem continue shred friends I understand that a bow of the eye is not important hurry up and cut his finely the onion, we have Nost sorry that is it the desired properties of us will we in the soup we will fry make him zazharku so here I need to chalk cute cute as I show cut We continue to cut even I made it smaller friends here such the method is also very Practicing good but live with one sides not like this tip way tavern
  • 02:00: away with onion Now undertake the tomatoes cut into their also not unicode on in finely generally look like first chop cut here this here part cut in half then put like this that's half rings semicircles here such small cut into half rings then cut unfold like this Now tomatoes and more at times two or three here in this way
  • 02:30: cut into such pieces sorted out Pomidorka now! take Green Green We here at Petra parsley, dill and onion you can add cilantro it is already on your discretion is not so it is important to take this way We took a bend and shinkuem and and too small Now in this way cute friends our cute shinkuem greenery stick gently fingers knife must be The island is very convenient work with acute knife now as like with a man
  • 03:01: Hold the end of legs it helps become and not to cut a very convenient way shred and cute cute here and so blunt cut down boo knife to do it very uncomfortable and unpleasant and troublesome that is, it is necessary that the knife block very sharp on. this training ingredients we It ended today somewhere in 30 minutes Cook any beef our meat and I'll show that will need to do next in this is already near the stove our myasko boils ladies here not somewhere far from it do not running away looking for it shall examine that precisely this is now
  • 03:31: excess foam that It appears we remove skimmer that is, this is such a Stuff with a hole take the skimmer and remove all the excess foam is not us come in handy see how much we have accumulated foam we have it neatly so here we take and remove because it is not useful to us again this is a very it is important to watch out for this remove it away from the the words [music] foam all unnecessary cleared the way she
  • 04:01: formed somewhere 5 minutes when the meat Prokip formed skin we removed it cover with a lid and cook for 30 minutes still waiting and the way to cook immediately but slow - I was there yes building on the stove, we We put on dvoechku not the slowest the fire that is on most do not need to close so everything is in full swing and raged super strong Now we are waiting for 30 minutes gone somewhere 30 minutes our myasko continues falls so we Time is added to the Fig pre well its right to this that is necessary to all the dregs of it that is, we came to
  • 04:31: extent until all slime will come 250 grams have the amount of rice Well here it is, a simple glass of 250 grams of rice add meat and cook until full preparedness and rice Cover with meat cover and engaged zazharki now! friends will engage zazharki that is, we now large fires we standing on the wheel pan add sunflower oil measure but not a lot is not little sunflower pour oil onion look to our
  • 05:02: pan It escalated to Thai We throw a little better seen without, in principle, him to all ck I grumbles pour onion neatly stir it passiruem passiruem to not golden you need it to be overcooked or much fried rather, it should be such prozrachnenky and again golden too there must be something is not run out stir watching necessary for him friends pay our attention onion I based tired places the transparent
  • 05:32: We have brought it to desired condition became golden Gilded we Now stir you take tomatoes as no wonder they have prepared and it's time add them to our Lucko while we We need all Stir to all Now evenly roasted tomatoes We huddled and smooth onions evenly stir it all in We would like stew together now tomatoes should very good they stew You must become like a homogeneous weight with a bow that is
  • 06:02: we stir for that their horoshenechko and will soon be the most add time some ingredients that'll show visible not armed eye that tomatoes Our good about that is, they were dried become such as I said homogeneous Now the masses with onions is the time to add the tomato paste completely ordinary bought in ordinary store 250 grams glass half tomato paste add the tomato paste now is Time to add enamel this way so Olya
  • 06:32: mandatory ingredient somewhere a couple of tablespoons spoons tkimali us need now very well it's all good and carefully stir to all gradients distributed equally between themselves and the whole thing in We put out more 10-15 minutes on low fire get meat our friends are ready where one and a half hours for zhrachka also to preparing and funky flavor to the kitchen is not worth following can you pass
  • 07:02: Right now all combine Stir to it Extinguish all together Again, it is very important, I I show some seasoning I will add flavor with love to you it should be passed on try to make to this I feel it all we have obtained as treats for all the beautiful heat points add it meat spread zazharku now carefully carefully all this stir necessarily need to put all nothing here that taste anyone in a frying pan I left it there laid out carefully stir and now seasonings about what I
  • 07:32: I will promise show visible what we It becomes color saucepan so it all transformed our dish she will Now even more beautiful so it all I'm still looks tasty not cooked yet added seasonings well It has all the saliva emanated still want very much try as quickly as possible it taste Now that's fast is ready now! we will need to only add I makeready I said all that reds if not like very much this dish add to taste all 34 somewhere garlic cloves such good garlic black pepper
  • 08:03: put some chillinu here in Chile can that is dangerous to overdo it so we put black coriander friends seasonings place to taste half a spoon coriander tea teaspoon black pepper tablespoon salt somewhere without my slides goes to a quantity half of the dining room spoons of sugar necessary and
  • 08:34: hops-suneli, too teaspoon and almost forgot the way lavruha too sure here will be subject thrown 2 lavrushki give to extinguish the around together even somewhere five minutes and the whole thing horoshenechko mixed today it's time to add greens and herbs also add on liking me somewhere half comes from the we chop add green mixed covered cap disconnected tile release it
  • 09:04: and all the rest then minutes 10 again, and our meal will be ready Now taste same time enter not tasting wait to try Everything is very delicious here the fragrance and these that's all I like when good at such a goose look it beads both seen here until the onion all here these ingredients interspersed between a color such red days are way no one add walnuts walnut and red color leaves me here like this no longer an option walnuts we Russian people are so he even sometimes kharcho add potatoes
  • 09:34: although do not put potatoes in kharcho we have a very good again see prepared myasko very good prepared to be seen it is well it departs from the bones soft enough so we myasko it turned the way meat traditionally usually also declines bone adds back into the pan so it rotted right thing to do, I sometimes straight tale eat the meat from the bones very good broth myasko delicious Flavored and due crossings due to the fact it all together languished and prepared incredibly tasty and
  • 10:05: meat and the way it is right to do very convenient when you Remove the meat from the bone with and the bones add to the overall container there place in generally turned very tasty friends review the video from start to finish repeat recommendations that I say you get Now get this here are yummy with you It was not on the mark find your channel recipe subscribe to our write channel Insert comments Huskies while all