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Medical massage and study of trigger points at an ischemic compression

Medical massage and study of trigger points at an ischemic compression  See details »

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  • 00:00: detection muscle disease seal or so called trigger points or she philosopher use different ways and means for their country Here we found a sealing cord muscle which, as
  • 00:30: It is rolled under I hand slips shaving pad thumb on he presses a muscles like spring resisting and but it slips painful click on seal or massage from another calls us your Take the number of functions such points and seals can can warm up be great the number and formed from This different muscles case, we found
  • 01:02: on the long extensors can Here is the backbone . and there is technique because It called ischemic but before compression this section we treat or at house or needle roll about 30 to 40 centimeters above this section what is treated cucumber roll is not slowly quietly
  • 01:33: 20, 30 or even more such passageway then carried this site rubbed rubbing to survive it preparations of the coronary Congress itself she ischemic compression that is
  • 02:03: bleeding here of the seal thus given baking powder for just remove the back the muscular seals pressing pad of finger on the area wetting we burn out create some Exposure then we We ask the patient as to create
  • 02:34: as the counter if you or he wants to raise the trunk and head and this muscle strains created counteraction strengthened our problem unabated and continue in the same effect has pressure is applied Again, not given adaptation then team smoothly patient lets let go muscle and at this time supplemented We carry supplementary effort to corner muscle structure but
  • 03:04: repeated again But with the adaptation phase slips a muscle exactly seen then phase opposition energized again certain exposure and gently let go tense muscles this time pad thumb penetrates and exerts
  • 03:34: deeper doubles you can pull it off reduction of stay 10 so 35 repetitions muscle Spreads again adaptation of the exposition and resistance patient currency reuters Osmo repeat smoothly again
  • 04:04: let go of relax and One of the things we hear how a muscle ceased resist and fully exempt from stiffness and depth state and its thunderstorms can be of various shapes and Derain figurative are spherical sometimes small the size of education Ask my only and
  • 04:34: infinitely and seed can have small on nature and enough significant over repeating itself here is the pressure on This section creates a this bleeding sick logic muscles and seal as if angry and
  • 05:04: deleted release the scale stiffness and design deep light almost as necessary repeated several time and sometimes fails specify one procedure delete this then seal sure this section you a lot massage manipulation carried out and still well put wet hot
  • 05:36: compress on the so the site we loosened this disease research It will succeed what to do massage manipulation but if to this place to spend leech and then deliver bank only much faster and more effectively manage do it or place processed
  • 06:09: sharp hammer needle and stuffed it then instead of put the bank superficial bleeding and unable to even lift tension here virtually we We got already quite
  • 06:39: another Volik gently and plastic structure and I turned away and thought already under the fingers is not It felt as a kind of what tense Drawn channel began masher which seal can be lot and one process fails sink two or three the big bit
  • 07:09: Now as this sensitive painful procedure so can be no more than 5 tighter and try to coronary denominations loosen and remove them many many erasing times a squeezing motion in order to ensure good blood supply remove products cellular metabolism of
  • 07:39: this portion provide last century circulation