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  • 00:00: So hello if you do not I promise to show you and my all my treasures I make candles my stuff one word is my materials sticks form part of this he did not stank of a mile was not no where in a hurry do not I remember it as though small little tapered at the bottom, as it were but it narrows It stated as the most
  • 00:31: Running this formochka small and that's 8 galley is my favorite Of course they love very careful Here is an unusual candles more or less such here is different Design is a small 8 Franco should be a little further and this is my number iq I have a few species is in my opinion
  • 01:02: dvoechka here to fight and written at me wick large candles Room room Room number 54 This quartet is triple or too thick and light It is the thickness and candles sight is Different thickness of the wick the film as a whole is you see he braided not steeper not he
  • 01:34: wicker I do not know how you got there will it deuce yes it's a deuce with us here is how I do it this is the way two and three because more and the taper and deuce a bit thicker triple if there very, very thick candle is rarely is also themselves know that's the most you
  • 02:04: Now this little so number one, too He braided the whole it does not twisted white this production Ukraine I like very quality Of course it is a candle It is lit and there is no Now these so-called flame burst Baptism is like 3 cheap candles is well on thin long candles do is this burning
  • 02:34: so to speak evenly and I choose when asked it does not melt quietly burns Melting while said a little bit longer is it my favorite knives We then have you You know these knives is these hooks today such is not over yet and
  • 03:07: no paddle this hour knives and saying I rented the other hand all make it an hour I have to look for knives they put other part because come back here this also another thread thicker it is not necessary Here is the formochka most small
  • 03:39: Cixi running course smooth turns small but it is convenient that they untwisted taken out candles well it all this shape is disassembled This is Berto's have it to the wick that was exactly molds steel when gas workers candle it jars of baby gather up food
  • 04:10: a word that neighbors then somewhere else here I mainly meet someone novice weight and Nikos buys gift their equipment stainless steel or forbid god of the flower of galvanizing not buy equipment cent of forging it hemorrhoids so that I I do not know I've seen a video there's not cool you dare to go even
  • 04:40: buy or novice Master is about to these as this is out of the cheese a tin can decline cheese and moaning and Now ask the neighbors who have children comparison and throws me like it very much Banks and of the fruits of palm oil they high and square this is very convenient paraffin frozen
  • 05:11: Now he's their freezes let He eats little settles in them for a color pointer to with lids limb it was because there is not no cover it so there may be debris Dad would then Tatiana ugly then It gets it's rubbish glow on because like a candle starts pop is not very very well so it is 1 2 but the bucket I
  • 05:41: starts or throw Lampard let the garbage be it or repair made with neighbors I do not remember inaccurate and Now sit coins paraffin snip here it is You see with cover and here we did not get today if you do not use paraffin I again it's cool
  • 06:12: be removed for some reason, I I put there all different colors and also here I add by the way will I like it as if at home conditions it is very Good after native option should definitely to do on the water bath I have here tile there are common
  • 06:43: electricity is not necessary I invented there super superfood it will start at first already making big orders will original already there This tremendous store and if one here Minimal there for himself purely for friends the fact that you like it is a hobby like plus more earnings separate then you do not need buy a lot Here is my dear
  • 07:13: treasure and you-what say it all or just candy smeared with fruit course and ate bought barely found it stainless steel is what we remove said with a slight hair hands see Here I cut candles
  • 07:43: nice and convenient inter swarm just beauty I'm sorry that you have I just do not see I Here rented show I do not have another small stands a phone that I I ate rented by the way with phone I bought a phone good I Prague 1 video were terrible although the camera was only were 10 pixels so on the most important so but I still have so Yes Yes this I do not box I remember where I found
  • 08:14: no I do not find any dice candy were here I'll then candles I want a nice Decorated like a box relies and selling I do not know of a bitch well, about the price I have already I want to do I think in the near future the future You see it all as I this box will fill all handmade candles so this is my I have different
  • 08:46: Stuff that's shorter than those stuff is special for my trick collect it Basically not once I like to come in handy is it all here hearts, and then we Media on both cheeks that she is beautiful I would love to twist sweet sweet it rocks pearls and this
  • 09:20: China is also to decor dicka I've got There are various different colors yellow do well here everything seems thought has scattered so this is my paper for baking but I use sometimes candle then you show how this who enjoy By the way here I want to
  • 09:50: show me where once the wax is sometimes I'm too much it is poured such glasses on the wish take your glass plastic why because when we give them the logic of this melt, too, as It is in the light of the fact just be more convenient your just cut glass Poryadin names wife and a piece of wax bead as you We should be all that is, it melt with ink and wash, and they use it is
  • 10:22: Whether these scrolls too then things will show All show that I have it candy but it also Candles were delicious it Chocolate Well Of course, too, it is for Design and fans all such beautiful the original chair do not I know it Zvezdochkin
  • 10:53: It will be for the new year closer no design By the way here is the paraffin I have it I have a pair of stearin Finmarket p1 is pet Kohl I'm sorry, and T1 Technical step 1 two here, and we have little is left of his I will not open it
  • 11:23: there is all she go candle is I purchase directly all Mishkan because they're not I will love immediately cool it quickly boxes this box to sleep his shoe polish salon I found here took or rather I did not find took and come here, I took Lodge's candles are here zagotovochki Now these so-Stars here so that it was visible
  • 11:54: that is, they Remember nuc they are well the introduction of different size there cone and different is that the candles because it has not reached perhaps I will be on melted down so the tank atoms candle stand here and here is a little under their
  • 12:24: more than one box white here in this Well, it all too Incidentally Figure aircraft from they do them not to I was bored and then I think the artist must be nice to all blue painted by because I have be creative situation here sometimes Watch the video a ugly
  • 12:54: I have here is a nice little so gallows and nice and tasteful Basically I think so that tasteful but you put huskies or dizlayki like this until about the way if there is liquid in the China comments you I write to know you can spikes another field you want to learn or show you something I just thought so how would there not tons not show your
  • 13:25: review to include the fat laptop we just nobody shows a review of its material what they are doing candles By the way yes but where his wife dye and most evil was about to complete I think where is my paint a nice menu here today show the most important thing I do not have
  • 13:55: It did not show the new the rest of my I I say goodbye to you all suit and expect My next dazhe down I have 13 pieces are supposed to but I had to start such knives Here there is no such two pieces is not bought even here in Ukraine there are in France it seems they much thinner and the tip is still worth their
  • 14:25: about 10 euro as at least I saw camo winter special Art so I have so opportunely and Ukraine, of the very good dye as the good I'm less good at Thus Ukraine weight I do not have his front I book through Well all Ukraine chemists or kidnap Germany or Ukraine smotra so This bright blue Me all of it is written here
  • 15:00: here is my Miscellaneous on a little bit I'm here yet as it has recently in France on candles like family I tell them it's the same just such knives and a whole set stir stir the wax podostynet way paraffin look only if you edit wax not overheat it in any no way
  • 15:31: it is not necessary to overheat way for beginners artists even paint it is not necessary but it is not necessary buy and easy buy here are that's fine, and I here are a few but not there is the way the anime use here such trademarks somewhere act wax crayons and chop them well and for you, it's good
  • 16:01: that most interest here I bought this white dye he is already a paraffin his most always goes big if I can buy your white dye buy and immediately kilo and now this I bought the course itself buy it for powders Names fine us probably get on fresh looking you will they use that is it has to be there for
  • 16:31: kilogram paraffin literally one milligram or two milligrams that's how it molds also spark for in then all the following Well, as it will show all I do our there also still have a mission it spikes
  • 17:06: also for biker candles will have then here to help then it is better to so I wanted to show all Show I think everyone on this until now write that like that I liked not I liked since resin still told all