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Cheese balls with garlic in hot fan. It is unreal tasty and gentle snack  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today prepare cheese balls in oil. It is incredibly delicious and very delicate cheese appetizer. Cook it is not difficult. For its preparation we need: 300 grams of cheese durum 1 clove of garlic 3 tbsp. l. no slides flour 2 eggs breadcrumbs and sunflower oil for deep frying Cheese rub on a small grater. To this was added the garlic.
  • 00:30: This also break 2 eggs and mix. The cheese mixture add the flour and all mix well again. From the resulting curd forming small balls. To beads were approximately the same size, cheese mix recruit teaspoon. Each ball rolled in breadcrumbs. Fry the balls will be deep-fried.
  • 01:01: Take a saucepan and pour the sunflower oil. A layer of oil must be such that the cheese ball completely immersed in it. The ideal temperature for frying from 160 to 175 degrees. It is best to measure the temperature of the cooking thermometer, but if not, you can use a wooden skewer, around it should appear bubbles. Prepared balls carefully omit fried
  • 01:32: and fry until a beautiful golden color. Balls desirable deep-fry 5 or 6 pieces. Oil can not overheat, otherwise it will start to smoke. A cheese balls in the overheated oil will quickly be ready roasted outside and remain moist inside. Ready cheese balls spread on a paper towel, in order to absorb excess fat. Of this amount, 25 ingredients from cheese balls.
  • 02:04: Cheese balls turned out amazingly delicious with appetizing crispy crust. They are very well combined with a pleasant cheese flavor mild garlic note. If you liked the recipe for cheese balls, be sure to Like place, subscribe to my channel "cook at home". With you was Oksana Pashko. Prepare delicious! Cook with pleasure!