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  • 00:00: [music] hello friends today I will tell you how to home make jerks it such a wonderful jerked sausages delicacy in this case it jerks Pork but they can do turkey from chicken beef This thin slices cheese jerky quickly prepared just as it turns out very taste of these jerks I did yesterday and I do not sure that they two live longer days as well, my friends too often enough
  • 00:30: come to me requested to do jerks, and for them I sure that they are It does not lie in Generally friends are very cool snack and prepare it is not difficult why I have obtained delicious jerks open secret the fact is that I do not I invent a recipe from head I take prescription from book when I wanted master the technology manufacturing dzheraks I took it out of here excellent book which deals homemade sausages and there is a special
  • 01:00: section and which It called recipes a form in Jherek Generally it does not meaning but matters Meat slicing thickness meat cut into platelets no thicker one centimeter to this meat is better a little bit to freeze it It was cold and cut here on such records all optimally it's somewhere 6 millimeters is then out very great they are jerks well viewed there are two
  • 01:30: salting method jerk One is simply salty jerks and the other is the Ambassador dzhorak marinated here we are with you today make a pig jerks they will simply Ambassador and using nitrite salt necessarily nitrite salt jerks turkey we Made with the addition of marinade as nitrite salts take take from 25 to 35 grams per kilogram ie Later, you yourself
  • 02:00: afford it adjust here here I have now 660 grams of pork pork loin and I took here 20 grams of salt and now you just need to haro but mix things up and do next The following put everything is exactly Of course if it is possible and throw it all as anything but then jerks will have them not beautiful shape and I still I prefer to that they are not only tasty and well
  • 02:31: to aesthetically they It was such rovnenkie cute so I I prefer this way here suffer a little at first but but then to all Well it was beautiful I'll post the first layer Now take into plenochku and lodge s well as you know here spread a second layer of a reply any flat and cool jerks we Cover with turn
  • 03:01: plenochkoj and Put the third layer that's when we all is ready pack finally our jerks in plenochku and We send salted in refrigerator chop turkey turkey I I will be cut here so here's what to do tweezers not slices into cubes so that's something a little wider the same slice and interspersed with nitrite
  • 03:32: Now all salt take marinade monitor and that which you I like to marinade I take marinade ready here is a luxury marinade for friends that we I called and add it's here to turkey now need to mix well to nitrite and salt marinade all uniform like this Now out of print and the same procedure spread on a film
  • 04:02: and send for a day refrigerate Well meat clogged Now start it dry here and so It looks already salted meat of it a little bit it becomes sticky well and We laid it on grill dryer to dry generally there are two, as it were Now a method of drying or I line dzhorak One of the ways it is drying as well said air without
  • 04:34: ie to choose a dryer this program is a lengthy process and another process here I looked at Book it if I did not at 60 ° degrees here it is, I I put on the program which I have just 60 degrees and gives PETN faith at this temperature is faster and I convenient so it is important to lay
  • 05:04: that between the pieces meat was there was a gap it is good to go air is then fit It will be very good Now this idea in NER marinade too clogged it and spread on a sieve 2 poddonchik and pork and 2 and poddonchik ship to turkey drying but now our jerks
  • 05:34: great tasty already fully prepared Now admire it jerks turkey and that of pork when you make them jersey at home conditions you yourself You can choose to extent to which their I love dry that they were the but not very oak that they were still soft are but as a dried fruit apricots shall we say yes but it turns out that's here I have now 250 grams of finished pork and slightly dzhorak more than 270 grams dzhorak
  • 06:06: turkey and was at 660 grams it there are jerks shrink from 65 to 75 percent weight they lose but so this product and obtain a expensive Well as you can see friends here such here remarkable delicious jerks you you can do cook without any problems well, these delicious jerks goes to Moscow your customer what friends bye bye to new
  • 06:36: meetings live delicious let cook delicious you all will be well till [music] [music]