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  • 00:00: Hello dear I needlewoman strong Oksana now and I tell will show you how you can make interior grapes their hands for I create antennae and he took no raspberry and you need to soak the glue pva and reel so way to handle or pencil starting with the rod and how long you and you must cut some scissors turn to
  • 00:35: create the very vine Grapes need to take foam and very the basis for which will hold grape we strung on bead wire or I treated with glue sewing thread are still used in creating stamens using foam and glue needed form itself bunch otkleivaya Styrofoam balls around the base [music]
  • 01:06: take the form of leaves
  • 02:12: and cut out about the desired tissue do leaves me they are slightly angled and therefore if flip it out one can be cut two different rice. go to the shade of her leaves for this you need to take dye I have it lanolin dark green especially for fabric dry mixture should be
  • 02:42: add a small water and stir well that was not lumps leaf for himself First you need to moisten water via and then with a brush using paint move on to shading whistle [music] after the color of leaves
  • 05:14: they need to be well dry q creating lived for foxes. take a bead wire and paper gopro green with via pva adhesive We need to unscrew gently wire its entire length and the length it must be equal plus the length of the sheet length for sealing very very vine
  • 05:44: grapes I have it 15 centimeters after drying streaks you need to glue it to the seamy side to the leaf of adhesive pva dried grapes We paint the paint in I is acrylic color light blue hue and purple I dilute them with glue
  • 06:15: it is good to seal bunch of grapes we using two shades we can create the effect of maturity vinogradinok You can also use various other shades and after we have caused the paint We need good very dry bunch [music] Now create
  • 07:37: structuring sheet I I am using heated curved awl We start processing sheet reverse first hand We make objections from a base sheet Main veins and then from their secondary overturn leaf after how did and on the front side we have between ready-made veins
  • 08:08: do other it will bring leaf to natural sight so do all the leaves that you needed to work such leaflets have we have turned Go to end my master class on the basis of as the wire using a tape and more and used in manufacturing
  • 08:38: decorative trees I will strengthen all elements [music] I strongly wax it
  • 11:06: pleased to share your ideas subscribe to my channel and will the first in the course of all my new products until we meet again [music]