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Cool beet salad. From a table departs at once.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Friends you and Irina Bugloss today I am preparing beet salad Soul Plane is the salad why because Soul Plane he immediately He flies off the table and how for me it is the most delicious salad I did not I will talk about that this is the salad useful because I take boiled beets but it is cooked beets not until the end so can be up to half cooked or a little more because it is still beets, and will Do not let stew well but the most useful
  • 00:30: but the most delicious and so I take the beets I 4 they took today this medium can be even a little bit more than the average size and 3 onions 1 onion 1 onion truth at I was not a whole but it not so important roughly the ratio test bow taken a lot but less than beet which has taken ingredients and will show in shooting and if you now the need to look beneath this video there is in the description what ingredients
  • 01:00: how much is taken So I said that beets boiled but decoctions opened the not to end and I cleaned onions cut quite still small and now I'll pan it fry up golden colors general to willingness to pour UCAB sticky oil stirring occasionally to index burnt and until onions I roasted beets grate on large grater here on this coarse grater onions I fry I turned off the stove
  • 01:30: I take a thick-walled pan and spread here grated beets fried onion one tablespoon Now tomato paste it's all salt to taste and also pepper to taste the last ingredient is one teaspoon sugar spoonful of sugar and all mix well All mix and to taste in salt on pepper if something is enough so it is possible at this stage add to cauldron
  • 02:00: beetroot leaves on the stove cover with a lid and carcass beets more about half an hour simmer it should be extinguished, and several times for it time needed basis mix boil for some bright I shut down for half an hour drink Salad principle but ready to table it served cold form of it is cold it is a delicious and basically advantage of this lettuce that it should be advance and make it may stand still
  • 02:31: night or day in a refrigerator from this he will be even tastier and one more thing so I would like you to advise how better to choose a beet when you buy it because she beets it happens It is sweet savory is soft is hard and from the quality of the beet most beet depends and the dish you cook if beets and tasty it the dish will turn out delicious and choose
  • 03:01: beets that she tail was thin see here is already boiled sweet you slightly cracked tail but still it is clear that is it Slim comes from the ground to the the end of and sometimes beets which is very thick thickened here tail and then he because of the thinner Now choose tails are here from the foundation they are thin as the mouse tail that's for sure beets tastier than yes
  • 03:31: whose tail fat salad I shifted to beet salad bowl with lid necessary because that he will be stored in fridge but you all as cool salad we will have a Thank you very much for they were with me We watched this video subscribe to channel if it is not and signed and everything you very good