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  • 00:00: Hello, I'm glad you welcome to your kitchen today I do home cream cheese perfect replacement shop cream cheese that is great suitable not only pastry products but also in the rolls cooking can be used you can simply spread on a sandwich in this video I'm going to do just three options cheese and at the end you can view decide what cheese your closest not all live large cities or near any supermarket where range of product enough diversity is not worth despair, you can
  • 00:30: cook this yourself cheese from well available products Well start cook start make the first version cream cheese and we need it sour cream I have a 25 per cent fat and can be 20 use yogurt without any additives simply natural yoghurt I'll use two versions of it asset and yah can has also use Buttermilk white yogurt called too, it's great
  • 01:00: for him and salt we still need all just us you need all mix half a salt spoon salt you too you can do control if you are the cream cheese It is used for cream or for preparation of or desserts such as Cheesecake is a salt slightly smaller if you use You are doing this cream cheese for sandwiches or for manufacturing rolls then a teaspoon even a little more
  • 01:31: be enough so portable to ford straight very days are the same here although in the yogurt and smaller percentage fat here and two five and 15 but there is a thick thermostat ny thick yogurt all is well all stir and let us move the seed from cheesecloth now we will need a sieve, and cheesecloth or you can
  • 02:01: use another cotton fabric so thin eat thin type seeds of the gauze in me hard three times this will help enough here and drag our mass already see flocked process whey I went all that we deal when it and the wing We press it all sinker some to me it is a glass water can be use jar Now pollitrovuyu
  • 02:33: it's all in the ship refrigerator for about somewhere in the 12 hours and the general process ends when finishes digging serum second option butter cheese I would have to Ryazhenka so I from it forward to taste baked milk so add the salt 25 interest cream ryazhenka my way 4 percent is the most large percentage of
  • 03:03: which was a store mix all again and still As with the first one sieve gauze happened and the liquid, too immediately begins hood excess fluid the serum can not and pour use it later but for the preparation of supposing pancakes also We put the goods and ship in fridge this time around same as in the first
  • 03:34: Well embodiment about somewhere in 12 hours, and for third variant I need milk fat 32 also fat yogurt 3 February 1 egg and lemon milk set on fire and we constantly Stir it with us should reach Boiling ie bit is already beginning boil and boil and we We will add to yogurt that advance we heat the heat it can be either
  • 04:04: separate bowl and on or in the plate I microwaved it I will do microwave we just little it heat up to it It was tepid and I forget the beginning indicate that we still You will need to 1 teaspoon salt and sugar added directly milk and stir it is necessary that we do not burnt milk tray or choose saucepan with a thick the bottom of the milk has almost boil and we trickle
  • 04:35: introducing preheated yogurt, and it's all good interfere but once live all I curled up already almost have it we would then got cheese separated from Now serum wait until the masses comes to a boil and remove from Fire is our fluid begins boil remove from all fire merge fully liquid where I have a screen and three layers of cheesecloth and us
  • 05:07: it is necessary to suspend and about Answer that's such a this limbo able we will around somewhere half an hour it should like that hang all and we it will to mix already with the rest ingredients it it should hang that is, you did not should be considered there wrinkle or crush just it alone Statement should merge Serum entire floor all took part in
  • 05:37: Serum is not then everything flows Now we are ready go to the egg egg and one teaspoon lemon juice, we interrupting blender you can do it mixer on blender will this creamy structure at the cheese is will be better and now all the same here we ship this responsible curd and besides all interrupting blender and all we need
  • 06:07: do until It will not work here this here pasty If you do not want use chicken egg it can be replaced by 4 quail and information like I handle eggs there in the description below video now shifting our Now that's a lot of in a jar some tightly close and I send to refrigerator hours 12 and it settles It will be wonderful
  • 06:37: cream cheese, even cream cheese I repeat in this cheese You can add greenery else something spices which you I prefer almost all cheese ready serum dripping in my they are 12 for 24 hours 12:00 I took I took a 2-fold fewer products ingredients are doubled and therefore
  • 07:07: the time it took twice more consistency is very like Creamy cheese and taste this option cream cheese is very recalls Philadelphia perfectly suitable for cooking cream or cheesecakes from this amount The product has received 250 grams of butter cheese Storage of such term cheese will depend from the expiry date products you We used the example if you have a sour the shelf life of 7 days
  • 07:38: date of manufacture the cheese five days exactly It may have stored in then the refrigerator its use has It can not be the second option cheese on sour milk and you color matching the color of melted milk turned consistency is the same of the first option is just try to taste and really I had expected from the this option
  • 08:08: a light taste baked milk present in of home cream cheese and Also, this option It can be used preparation cheesecakes or Cream can be out of it make wonderful cream cheese on the shelf life same as a the first option look at the packaging products you used and from this the number of products I use at I got 170 gram of finished cream cheese on Ryazhenka and a third option
  • 08:38: cream cheese home very He reminded me curd cheese hochland I also I use cooking cream through products here used more Budget is milk yogurt eggs but this the number of products I managed only 220 grams the finished cheese under term storage of all as well as the first and second embodiment all When an option is an excellent analogue to Purchased in creamy cheese, and if your
  • 09:08: the village is not sell cream cheese which can be use cooking cream or cheesecakes generally a baking it you're fine and you You can make yourself third embodiment It is the fastest it took me only 12 hours and he has fully ready for use and most importantly it not so expensive get what buy cream cheese shop all three option butter cheese I liked
  • 09:38: I have my preference I give course 1 first embodiment and output is more turned out well, and in my taste more close to cream cheese at third embodiment it turns over economical and time preparation and finance the second option is great suitable for lovers melted milk and in the third option course best not use milk powder in You just do not not curdle get it here curd mass try
  • 10:08: experiment on their experiments do not forget to write in I think the comments many will be interesting and I like always I wish you good luck with your undertakings of all you very good