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How to make glue with own hands in house conditions \/ Super glue the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello guys Today we will try to you make glue your hands glue will we universal it will stick together wood tissue paper, cardboard metal even that is We try to make so that it is pasted even metal all depends on filling most our main components is 647 solvent ti there is foam
  • 00:32: The rest is the foundation during the video I will I show that I add to so that it pops up all listed the there are metal fabric wood skin well that has a plastic well in Basically, all it will glue and glue will very fast glue everything will ie fast during the video now! we will see what filler are used Well
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  • 04:14: Well guys good
  • 04:51: the glue we have turned very versatile even especially well wood glue generally just clearly adhesive composition to me prompted prompted my good friend all clear to me really liked have you seen the video that holds all just fine clothes so that children who I liked the video is not We forget to share with friends videos and put the Huskies subscribe to channel to all new meetings