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Flavourless Buderus Logano S111_buderus and dust from the military pilot Alexander. part 1  See details »



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  • 00:00: so today I tell you how correctly exploit is solid buderus logano 20 20 Boiler kilowatt power without odor and dust that is This oven It recommended for all instructions set out residential areas because it makes smell, and from it comes dust and soot of many
  • 00:32: people have this question I care too you'll show room kitchen in which there is a this is solid boiler and operated with by small my modifications absolutely odorless and dust completely environmentally clean Look room you see absolutely clean room sterile
  • 01:05: gas stove hood kitchen set Here I show you to draw the curtains your attention the oven is already operated with the month of October and This room no
  • 01:31: soot no dust or soot, and respectively 100 most importantly absent absolutely any smell here because I I understand many people They complain that this furnace impossible operates residential So he's premises standing boiler and by the completion of my it is in this pot with I have done homemade Case top cover is protective case
  • 02:00: wherein that Enter the handset and the this pipe polyethylene out in the hood the hood is over gas the hood You can also make any elsewhere that This hood left on the street and it's just drying the remainder of the the former home of the furnace Now the tube it comes out in the hood hood permanently open continually contact goes
  • 02:31: the trumpet, and all allocating Xia smoke gases flow directly to the street now I'm going to show this means the oven at I have installed in such a way that it outlet flue gases go directly to first chimney food chimney which remained on the old fixed oven or the old furnace stationary brick was ejected in the first the chimney was
  • 03:00: set at right detailed brick chimney she goes to the roof and already there is the pressure sandwich pipe stainless Steel insulated pipe the total length of the tube six and a half meters it is quite enough for this boiler here this means the oven has more than two months absolutely clean Do not look and she has a very divert I suck ya smoke gases that is nothing hammered here It has a lid
  • 03:30: open and easy cleaned pipe down there there well well for oven cleaning spring once a year It opens the door and thence output all black now I I show you how as the cover is removed this cover I made of ordinary life Now she rises removed from the furnace and basking on devices on adaptation
  • 04:00: this cover It has to dress on the stove on furnace because of a Cover whatever it tightly there was no out poisonous gases that gradually within days filling the room and this residential living room and it is impossible to breathe also I think that many People were convinced or to perform such the lid is very easy from ordinary galvanized sheet how power can make anyone it will provide absolutely clean
  • 04:31: operation of this oven Now look stove I open it It means an empty oven Now I open the lid look at the cover Now I'll show you how in my night also filled that there was no dust and dirt all for this I
  • 05:00: It made itself really like called bag is very a good thing done with me too it's easy filled with carbon 12 coal kilogram closes attitude cap see how I I fill I want I raise this suitcase to start up to start if fueled oven the first time today, we especially because she works continuously
  • 05:30: Now there is firewood that just stopped all the fell asleep so then I take his bag I raise his request pay attention to it salted and put It is drawn from the bottom He poured coal
  • 06:02: As you can see absolutely I am not open invite close 2 dust bag precipitates in the furnace please 2 suitcase manufacturing exactly 2 2-3 hours briefcase made shooting the suitcase
  • 06:32: We carried him and put 2 suitcase and shorter means and emptied coal pull underbody Abel was poured still closed as the you see any dust no soot
  • 07:01: personal briefcase Now all bag shoot the film left and cover all closes all of
  • 07:32: the furnace is ready to sing ready dressed on top of all Case So he became previously opening flap flap open here Now we will show how this furnace then flooded oven we fully
  • 08:00: you have verified tucked Now It means we are suspending chain oven is set to 60 60 degrees degrees full dressed in boiler I work 13 December Yassin hours temperature of 50 degrees it working hours so we now with a gas burner arson just ignite the stove furnace they Poleshko inflames exactly a few seconds by gas
  • 08:30: burner and as you can see again no no no dust mud then still a small recommendations are some devices when a long time and that's all take on even under have both thread neat, you see all fire stove I start burning today you will hear the noise here wearing chain means
  • 09:01: there is also facilities if the device grate clogged hammered here There is such here poker homemade this and another 30 centimeters cobs for to perform purification stones that caught between grate in their seizing all at continuous operation of this furnace through literally
  • 09:32: minute oven erupted and it is already beginning to make noise Here you can see and listen to all the smoke all retracts inwards oven room all-clear no smell I wish you all a pleasant pleasant view
  • 10:00: operation of this oven and all this from military pilot Alexandra good luck to you in your wintering