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''Rules'' of top dressing of orchids  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, I really frequently asked questions how to fertilize orchids today I detail I will focus on ground rules fertilizer rule number one begin to fertilize orchid after the first magazine-flowering often when begin to fertilize just bought blooming orchid orchid occurs
  • 00:31: sudden wilting colors the thing is that at first orchid getting used to the new a place she feels stress during this period and not much fertilizer portion may have and prove so not too much risk the ruin store and flowering and begin to fertilize orchids only after As orchid bud bought
  • 01:02: orchid will delight you with its flowering and without making dressing for stock account nutrients she collected but before flowering there are also there are some exceptions cases where orchids blooms for a long time Well, when e.g. develop re-bloom of dormant buds immediately after the end
  • 01:32: primary flowering this case, of course the orchid is necessary start off feed already in the florescence approximately April 3 months after purchase and commencement of the main flowering rule number two use special fertilizer for orchids Now selling
  • 02:02: there are special complex fertilizer for orchids different companies different produce or in which microelements specially chosen for fertilizing orchids fertilizer is suitable for different stages of development orchids and can be use Throughout the year if for some reason you can not find such fertilizers top hat orchids can be feed up
  • 02:32: complex mineral fertilizers to houseplants if you choose it is the fertilizer pay special attention content micronutrient fertilizer enough often complex fertilizer to houseplants It contains many Nitrogen should not be so fertilizer feed the orchid year-round since
  • 03:02: it can be unfavorable to orchid blooms and the value trace their fertilizer for orchids Also, if you use to orchids complex fertilizer houseplants that significantly and reduce dose of fertilizer use one a third well, or even a fourth dose
  • 03:33: on the label Rule number three is not use for orchid fertilizer tablets and stick the whole thing is that ground orchids as we already know It consists mainly of Korea and pieces as fertilizer tablets do not stick are evenly distributed by and apart from this ground that is impossible
  • 04:03: track applied to dose Prize is spreading use substrate Only for orchids water solution fertilizer rule number four remember most the main rule fertilizing orchids underfeeding is better than overfeed the roots of orchids particularly growing the tip of a very sensitive salts contained in fertilizer and
  • 04:34: exposure to strong concentrated of fertilizer may burning and destruction Korneev and indeed can cause of death our plants begin to fertilize orchids using half-dose or even one-third on the label and if you are using conventional fertilizer houseplants then reduce the dose fertilizers such as 3
  • 05:04: even four times rule number five you wear fertilizer Only in the period of growth beginning of the growing period Orchid easy specify the period will grow a new sheet orchids from point growth during growth sheet feed orchid if, immediately after sheet formation It begins to grow a new
  • 05:34: sheet also go ahead feed up orchid if growth vista stopped the also Pause fertilization often it considered that hybrid chair Phalaenopsis are sold in stores is not bright pronounced period rest yet in conditions of low illumination and autumn-winter periods
  • 06:04: and in hot conditions summer periods need in additional nutritious substances significantly We also reduced can notice that this period suspended and leaf growth and growth root therefore autumn-winter period and in the hot weeks of summer fertilizing orchids should stop or Save
  • 06:34: and up to 1 times per month exchange spring orchid accelerating substances useful material very fast recycled so fertilize orchid spring need more often than any other time years should not be make fertilizer lead ghoul tion growth Conversely orchids orchids begin feed only then when
  • 07:04: period starts growth of spring combined with fertilizer watering orchids every second watering during the growing season orchid fed to dilution fertilizer bottle of fertilizer must shake as salt and containing fertilizer is a tendency to settle on bottom and at the end using
  • 07:34: bottles with fertilizer it can be more concentrated before making fertilizer to pour orchid pure water in a manner which you're used to it to do this preliminary watering orchids necessary in order make to the roots were filled with orchids water and secured the root system
  • 08:04: orchids from erosion diluted fertilizer or store use it immediately On the same day rule number seven fertilize such disclosure If the buds growth sheet you have noticed the appearance of the flower stalk fertilize their orchid until the first flower on must be
  • 08:36: suspend Fertilization the thing is that in appears peduncle longer laid amount colors that in bloom your orchid Fertilization after the onset peduncle already does It will not affect the luxuriant bloom Fertilization it is important to let them in flowering your orchid bloom due to the fact that you fertilize it
  • 09:06: formation peduncle and on the other hand fertilizing orchids in flowering time can lead to an unexpected discharge flowers and buds Rule Number Eight do not fertilize sick and or weakened and transplanted orchids fertilizer is not medicine it does not treat error your care patients and loose orchids
  • 09:37: you must first cure and feed necessary already healthy orchid in which began growth period except In order not to be feed only that transplant orchid like you do not carefully transplant the orchid without failure and lung wounds still we does not dispense wounded root No state system to absorb fertilizer and
  • 10:07: unclaimed salt fertilizers will delayed in creating a substrate unfavorable for orchid flora so after transplanting orchids and they recommend fertilize it for two to three weeks So in conclusion, I would like to once again recall the most but it is very important a simple rule fertilizer application for orchids orchids better underfeeding
  • 10:39: than to overfeed fertilizer for orchids It is undoubtedly compulsory leaving the subject at least it is in itself alone can not observe replace the main law care of orchids provide magnificent blooms or Correct mistake care of orchids lush flowering your orchid Thank you and goodbye