Valentin Turchenyuk

Saved 11/14/17 8:14 AM to CAR NO. 21

stripper of steering tips the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: if the output change steering tips nut unscrewed lever to ask you milked Stukalin to use the lever any how not to shoot what to do go and a stripper and then decided
  • 00:31: try himself make shooting pass 2 months Well elsewhere chief piece of iron or omitted from Varakin and bolts We stayed here lapel I do not know hinged and drank here on such pieces were vozdushki Now out of the bolt that
  • 01:01: I need and propylene I get here one part so it will be here was such a highlighted the middle of a hammer He brought to grind the second piece like this that is rear wall all It would be something like so always have it It is welded
  • 01:34: such Gadget outside Gadget and welded Pusher is the bolt the main thing that is so Here it must also undermine that it came into our our corners Now tip Example go so Here again we are here We will try
  • 02:04: approach will not work Tip Well good comes He comes straight into the grooves generally cool all clearly comes today it is necessary to cook it all deal but then I try going to cook Well, we have a such forces are no Sasha
  • 02:36: hot podostynet grind do normal coat krasivenky I tried on Shiga it does not know how it will it turns out there is no ball dress the I have to push it work
  • 03:10: a drive on a grinder thickness June 6 millimeters especially all kinds of brand roughness at withdrawal well, as this one on the complexity of them is its vitiligo Bulgarian thin
  • 03:41: then just drive I sawed since Elijah and so here I sawed discs inserted already here so in the grip wheels were cleaning were great shots that is, I'm doing well lips and knocked hammer but how to handle all I show what happened will experience the will not work here the case is I eat about
  • 04:14: Now this has turned so now we will so try now! take the key to unscrew will not
  • 04:53: I get pulled hands so convenient
  • 05:37: It was long ago areas It must be a spring from below here there It is seen from above and be springs then do not have it with butter moisture so I bought Well a removable like the time taken little material still less that is all home and there was nothing I bought
  • 06:08: do the same for balls who can not Sarawak he would not go but sign up see a lot It will be interesting yet