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Cheese cakes of maids of honor  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I will prepare a recipe history of cheesecake prime 2 eggs develop quickly add 50 grams sugar and in sobyu fluffy white mass add eggs 40 grams mild butter and good shot down add 250 grams grated cheese and
  • 00:31: tablespoon Starch all good Mix 4 tablespoons tablespoons of raisins flooded with two tablespoons orange liqueur it stood two o'clock added curd 250 grams of a mixture of puff pastry Roll out thinly and carve out of it 12 circles shape muffin smeared with a mixture of
  • 01:01: each cell'll put pat forming a bottom and rim each cell by two-thirds fill curd preheated mixture 220 degree oven I put on the form average and I run out 20 minutes preparing very
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