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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I will be the topic of rage clapped because about love flowers flowers Many also have ask show indicate the color well holiday season over now it is time to color transition I'll show you what to eat Nothing new I buy flowers do not add because me and even more abundantly but what are the show what happens to them look like and what feeding super-duper They did this for I made dressing
  • 00:30: about a month ago I took it that apply in the garden will show you now through I will repeat this month but for winter feeding you need not to do about once a month it can be done if You want no more because winter flowers they rest as if asleep and then It is closer to the fall there in 2 weeks You can change feeding and including do this so well, start in order first in the subcortex I took a bucket take 3 liters of water ie,
  • 01:01: as much as I need for once use water from I have it for the colors I always pour bottle advocate and I put I do take a boric acid here a 3 liter around somewhere [applause] tip of a teaspoon all take about already so did the flowers It responds well boric acid first to reconnoiter hot water and because it dissolves a good hot water until I have it
  • 01:31: dissolved in one potassium permanganate potassium permanganate immediately 100 will be a bucket and wife tip of a teaspoon that was so pinkish lot not necessary I am taking iodine too soon here I will add 3 5 drops inside subway already about normal Well, of course
  • 02:01: overdose well undesirable mix well acid dissolved I add fertilizer ready three components alternately they excellent feed up the plants watered as the I am watering flowers first water, but not so straight strong pour a little to the roots absorbed and that's it fertilizer is not roots can be burned pour and leave for 2
  • 02:31: hours and then watered I'm already a fertilizer yesterday poured usual supernatant water and now I am going to water This fertilizer plant pots I have a different one big one little so on such a large glass of 200 gram if small the smaller plant as a dressing that's author see Gus how big I am standing on the balcony all
  • 03:01: I'm sure it's summer circumcise because tangle all heroin Here is the geranium I, too, it has blossomed I cut yes no already cut to our balcony was so this flower forgotten the name I had grapes name-calling Zamioculcas already He showed little sprout doubled and stands here I planted this he dried up but there tuber glasses have even here sticks
  • 03:31: it too shall water until very tidy he will fall off in the window butterfly, too, I had completely cut here and so probably maybe a couple of months back and not at the root I'm a little bit to he shoots sticking immediately gives through the new week flowers and gives thickens well here it is also in asparagus I stood on the balcony all summer These species once they asparagus are different and so
  • 04:02: but looks Batllo and I will be more show all under cleaned on the wall of all the flowers here these flowers are my when they start I grow into them crop the to me It was a huge thicket they see all look very succulent leaves healthy here a little on the tips It is so under withers but this is nothing terrible all normally with them they healthy cells below
  • 04:32: I show here also I Chlorophytum grows More health a source I have a ficus here Benjamin like this It looks good fluffy but slowly growing small Now here's a great flower Chinese rose hibiscus see finally, I eat for said that no Flowers delivered to balcony cut off all Summer stood on the balcony see how many
  • 05:02: many colors fluffy terry they and called directly middle, 2-3 pieces already some faded and still stick lots and lots of standing on on the balcony I do not know any animals appeared on flowers and leaves I began to curl already spent processing laundry soap Moisten a cotton disk and all the leaves rubbed inside and outer side not too lazy and all leaves stems and then wiped poured
  • 05:33: water and ammonia alcohol leaves We began to be straightened well, sort of improve their health will observe and process further Here's a turned Gizmo know here when you spend now no still some stickiness as the type I think sugar many know We met this experienced write who knows What is the Internet not yet not Lozina I looked at So this is not bay leaf growing but very slowly
  • 06:04: young leaves have tops I released it there Design afraid of anything touch it because that he is capricious Zamioculcas here so big it not much It grows but it is clear here is a little spine here gives new here roots then here's another sticking small sprout in generally grows well It looks great All he lacks normalnenko and more
  • 06:34: here's this side up, too Birch grows and class here so you it also wanted to fertilizer to believe without him nothing here it is even more I type in the fertilizer spray bottle so that spray all flowers and that's all I have pressure
  • 07:04: I use at a time and can be the root make fertilizer and foliar all perfectly Well that's about flowers all of these have flowers for me so I them
  • 07:34: feed up caring for flowers let them have delight and brings good mood before the new meetings bye bye [music] [applause] [music] a