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  • 00:00: [music] welcome you to channel start licking My name is Tatyana today I want you show version set of loops that It is good for gums two by two also for all another simple fabric front embroidery on the night smooth surface for gum 11 this option is not very and so we will approach the need to course yarn and spokes and we will and we do set We need to start
  • 00:33: wrap some number of threads Depending on how much you I will recruit gain one needle and you can of course two spokes recruit depends what you need density at the beginning of series of tight set or some may and so be free from We have not. and I began from this set is very similar the classic set I'm loops I will show an option for knitting straight and reverse Comrade rows We will be with you bead loop also This option can be
  • 01:04: and knit in a circle and because what is here Unlike Ryazan I have a circle at the end of so we'll take a thread in the right side of me tail to the left hand thread goes I wrap a ball fingers and do the first loop she will have fixed on we will have
  • 01:34: repeat with you and the first two movements we introduce the fingers under the thread and fixed and They scored in the classic set loop on us with you here this finger gets out of yarns and and captures and a pointer to the top It remains in place second string capturing second Loop is here so we grab thread already from the middle from the palm is the index finger
  • 02:05: and return back and we have a finger see gun thread falls again as in the classic recruitment Now we repeat all again the first loop made finger overthrown brought under thread caught the second loop what we do the spoke we see It turns like
  • 02:35: Ossetians here times 2 loops and beneath ducky 2 and lift loops Ducky is just here Here ducky formed because we are changing with your fingers and thus way you type much to drink from as you need if you have the gum it is necessary course will a multiple of 4 if Gum two by two if some other painting it must you have a multiple of 2 because the loops our here 2
  • 03:05: always Well, if the edge you need to type then I will show how we should knit 1 row which subtleties in this have I now built up our for example 40 loops I I show this sample how to tie gum 2 to 2 and a simple leaf facial loops and We have started to allocate 1 Collar edge and at the end, too, I The latter is done standard loop
  • 03:36: edge on if we are knit this thing straight series we turn around and our first row will be consist of all backstitches it sine qua non that is, if we knitting goes under simple simple patterned handkerchief the front surface of seamy smooth surface the first row provyazyvaetsya always purl loops if we are gum 2 to 2 in
  • 04:06: Basically, you can immediately start provyazyvat gum if you You will use Does this set Kazan a circle the first row respectively circle you must be all facial because her unfold they are after we knit our first this installation You see a number of it turns the edge of the there is such an edge beautiful textured Now for some emphasis in the product perfect and I knit more
  • 04:36: Now half knitting rezinochkoy 2 2 knitting half the front surface of and we you see how way to end It looks like this set It does not have the edge in some canvas so look I knit pattern what does he look like rezinochka 2 on 2 and facial expanse that OK What good is this set gum for a 2 by 2 the
  • 05:07: Now that these our jumpers they just match any the two facial or then purl two is when you knit a must so knit loop to have bent that's pulling or went 2 backstitches from here or February 2 facial here it then 2 backstitches very beautiful looks quite It is flexible stretchy
  • 05:37: even though here I won only one spoke well, and the option to Front embroidery, too looks very beautifully it turns out such a beautiful decorative edge I want to say the fact if gain is where here is a set of range you need just consider that the we are gaining we first loop was usual but then we repeated here these here
  • 06:08: double double loops on one date hand we thread grasped what another change thumb and at the end we had also such coupling loop a standard we just knit standard as we we do classic set so yes that's when you combine it all in circle then you get one loop here and the second loop here in the end they in this way create, as it were here this one here to there Of course jumpers
  • 06:38: especially will not see but it will likely only one such here loop of all your fabric that is circular set too I can do I hope the video was good for you and you use this Set in some his new product I thank him for Attention subscribe to share this channel Video with its friends and social networks to the new video to new lessons all till [music] [music]