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From the washing machine water leaks! What to do how to correct!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [applause] [music] Hello friends often it happens in practice it on all such typewriters the problem here is that with temporary use appear
  • 00:31: leakage somewhere leaking water here if well often look on typewriters here begins rust where the receiver poroshkopriemnik's Here is the bottom part also starts here rust on the old especially if models look seen here here here he a small drip and here here here too
  • 01:03: here it flowed many people are found delusion thinks that itself is leaking but the door to the actually there is no open door and look why all this flowed look here for nothing no if you look Now she will go is this drip and here So runs here
  • 01:33: here in the general flow poroshkopriemnik so drains flowed flowed flowed here down here now and so here and in time the new machine is not as Now the old model often seen and many 700 rusty especially here But from these poroshkopriemnika so how to eliminate Now the problem I talk show for this we need
  • 02:03: just simple screwdriver curly Phillips and possible will sealant sealing principle here and fit almost any Rack temperature necessary because that there is only cold water we Therefore, the transition to rear very possible he open powder
  • 02:34: welcome here even powder click here this button so you vodka himself poroshkopriemnik now we need to Unscrew this one and screw this one by which we now I do so put long pause, and so Remove the two
  • 03:04: But if the screw you look good he poroshkopriemnik we pulled out the tray now here if you look here is closed the lid itself this vodka and here it flowed from ispodnizu from under and between the panel and handle most so it flows here hence the water in here like this more unscrewed the screw we need to remove the most
  • 03:34: top pouch that we need to explain unscrew the rear part of this one plane and that's 10 second screw and so unscrewed the screw take back this way here hand presses and here so we push for themselves this cover and then raises a top fish
  • 04:04: and lifts the and so lifted we Here we see here he this poroshkopriemnik now we need to disconnect this one fitting for this we need pliers press this click here and boutique so remove the tube 83 goblin so often
  • 04:39: with one hand is not convenient so now we here two of the same clamp also in principle be remove to take back
  • 05:09: because you are here latch so it does not hurry to carry it because here if you look so here's another one pipe
  • 05:47: strap attack draped and kryuchochek Here it is sufficient to him throw a finger climbed let pineapple throw off now! and therefore will continue to So I threw the strap sense. and now we need to remove this himself pipe so removed and now all that's from here you can just easy to connect
  • 06:18: is to connect these clamps so now I Disconnect and continue more often that Water is leaking from here this pipe so when we We will put on place all the plant it this connection on to sealant also is how just look here they have all these streaks it all flowed here often it happens
  • 06:48: let our so often It is such that These clogs holes here here here enough of them clean and all but our case slightly different situation we need it to make out here here are disassembled Latch has over the role screen round the principle
  • 07:18: these poroshkopriemnik of almost all typewriters same now we have the whole thing cleanse from my and will be the place all connections This all places connection to plant on the sealant and so cleaned and washed and now call this
  • 07:48: place for compound walk and silicone Now sealant neatly it all That something like this
  • 08:35: and now the whole thing unite Now on this principle
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