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Abrupt homemade product from the ORDINARY BOSS for a drill! Make also to yourself this simple tool for the Bulgarian!  See details »

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  • 00:00: and Hello dear friends and in this video I'll tell you how do cool attachment to normal grinders that you exactly come in handy namely it can replace conventional drill if you have this Drills course home no Well I let's name is Herman start off but before we start making our home-made let you briefly to tell I made mini on his workbench balcony for that I I had stuck in the village and in the attic
  • 00:30: find a piece of plywood there were a few all some curves dirty but chose here This is the kind of normal mark up I needed size in my case is 300 1280 just millimeters under my balcony and carefully cut off all this jigsaw then we get just such a makeshift she countertop and It will serve as a basis for our mini bench countertop will do over shelves which were purchased in Ikeja and sawn in half our height
  • 01:00: countertops will selected under this plastic container Potatoes take two 20 bar at 40 and two bar 30 to 40 is metered height with the 3 cm and Pelevin four such the bar is also not forget even fart two bars 30 to 40 B-pillar after this without the pale We shake off the dust from kitchen chair and make him a massage that there was no noticeable I'm on it something then sawed to dismantle screwdriver and solder nest convenient place well
  • 01:30: I agreed in the past video nakosyachil I made a nest in the handle He is now transferred resolder all we glue hot melt carefully about the bored drill for that thank you my advice subscribers trim drill opening knife lengthen wires all junction and re Now we collect It looks like all cool nothing to anyone It does not interfere and take 30 screws and fasten our bars necessarily we use level as the floor in no balcony I leveled as oats
  • 02:00: I need a direct then from scraps still sawing twenty five centimeter bars for bars number of four pieces and also 30 fasten them with screws to the posts after Here we get a we lay the foundation on our makeshift I countertop sawed in the village tighten it all happiness and self-tapping screws we get cool workbench well This last shtrishok screw screw 50 in order to climb with a small shovel whisk So in the end We are consolidating our mini
  • 02:30: tisochki fresh store-bought All can now be move on to our manufacturing homemade and it would be great if that's then at the top right would vote worth doing separate video about alteration in the balcony workshop or interfere with small fragments homemade products I I do it right now, well, for today homemade us need keyless cartridge washer for Bulgarians Drill 33 millimeter and ball Threaded M4 since my new sintered vices were not
  • 03:01: I'm not very big I can squeeze them cartridge for this we use of such cunning as the insert a screw in chuck and clamp it then he self-tapping screws burns gripe happened reliably and even then nut from Bulgarian We need exactly install keyless Chuck do it will be sufficient just whether you have Guy Tass strongly well chamfered angle as the for example on my it turns out that bulging part keyless cartridge fine sits in depth our nuts and can be
  • 03:32: tell itself center If you couple time to spin back here after We take our sverlyshko 33 millimeters and drilled first hole swap on price calculation screwdriver and threaded with first time check the operability our screw thread all perfectly all It works all goes well The same procedure perform with the other three drill hole cut into paste check after everything is ready twirl all our We get four screws M14 nut from the Bulgarian and twirl it and
  • 04:03: respectively grinders and top fasten our workpiece I use the nut not to remained free space on the shaft Bulgarian [music] we are ready it's time test insert our grinders to speed Controllers including minimum speed and run Basically all the good But we see a small beating as the cartridge we have turned out not
  • 04:34: perfectly straight I little thought I decided to fix this issue very simple way just get out intermediate and nut that all unnecessary under it and simply screwed our procurement directly after the shaft gear Bulgarian tight He clung to the cartridge alignment was much better course not perfect but much better now you can try anything let's drill take here is such a corner Tap in a vise and start drilling [music]
  • 05:11: as we see in basically drilled well, let's check whether it is possible cut the Now the hole thread take our tap insert screwdriver and cut Now try to thread in this thread tighten the screw bolt excellent twists and I mean delayed I conclude that the beating us just turned minimal but the way I have already thought as much as possible from him
  • 05:41: to get rid of quite well, Well friends here such We have an interesting homemade turned if you do this video liked Like place and I was I would be glad to talk with you down in comments but This I say goodbye to you Thank you all, and to all till