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  • 00:00: with you I am Elena and the week has promised an overview of the impressions threads of which after repeatedly bought I showed you this Italian silk silk of different firms and [music] different footage I decided to share show how selection occurs nitochek linking samples and the final decision as I have said
  • 00:34: project debts dress khaki gray and how Knitted occurred in samples here I auditioned sample his last art website technology art there are no cords knitting ornament on Tunisian mesh and a loop seam and regular mesh but
  • 01:07: for silk I realized that it is very appropriate paragraph silk very soft so they keep shape how smart and hard Viscose is why this we no longer an option relatives tried Different variations of the fox. filling these leaves as will look mesh ie samples
  • 01:38: different options on grid khaki grid wet asphalt So I realized that let this man could just not very volt well-kept net so I decided it the final version use it together with the lurex there with Alex this shock is very good and shape holding and looked, and he did not so soft and not
  • 02:09: prickly with lurex here stout The country has received silk injury hacks that with lurex happened skipjack is therefore this option Ostuzhev dropped Another option was use silk Mulberry is not glossy
  • 02:39: anthracite together with strapping gray but I do not I liked as a lie cord, and they do not cost I love this option we have left, too and stopped I finally [music] this embodiment sprigs ie this Silk must be selected cleaned it can not use
  • 03:10: say bad or good material maybe just his use need to think here from my anthracite from this well worth Bourdon and I liked gusenichka also with him harness frame by frame beautiful silk this wonderful injury
  • 03:40: very nice to us knit and well-rested on the mantle well certainly looks if you knit openwork canvas it will is flowing iridescent luxury watch you openwork I we love to knit there all we leave everything We all go to the thread Ireland [music] together family leave lower mesh build
  • 04:10: piping and strange here we Julius with propionate wet asphalt is 44 100 100 gram here lawn Nasedkina all Rex OK such Felix ribbon Bobbin coil forms It holds its shape well and to this softness
  • 04:40: Yanukovych sprigs silk graphite which we passed just liked I left on He twisted whether such who the twine mesh night what that harness Do that it is not so me a glossy as I would like so I left it
  • 05:10: 2 inline grid 2 row grid looks of it great I I liked it here I did not and digest and grid this shock [music] with beads Gordon also all cycle [music] not . twisted it Committee luck let it be so nobly
  • 05:40: looks and why of course a very long time each cell is to tie columns, without sc and there is a master class Serdyuchenko faith When I first I tried this fishnet realized that without it I will certainly become there is a video where any such slippers interesting setting form perfectly hold the
  • 06:10: they should have not to think of kegs where and how it can be use yet it was functional set mesh perfectly holds the form does not shrink does not stretched and looks so we a beautiful mosaic not Russia Tkachenko
  • 06:41: wonderful wizard I was grateful for master class on and spider veins and not get tired do it very, thanks for such an idea my 2 ryadochka without it I not as and there are so smart samples for dresses [music]
  • 07:12: when I will be ready certainly necessary I boast shooting video a reference in the specification I got people show the shock and I talk about it the next issue I will show his new This work jacket jacket network [music]
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