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  • 00:01: [music] 7 exercises that will transform your body four weeks You want to come and form regain muscle tone just a month here exercise that you do not exactly help to spend money at the gym or equipment you need willpower and 10 minutes a day In addition, we know unbelievable effective 4
  • 00:30: weekly plan training, he It worked for us and help create wonders you check the main attention follow all instructions number one plank static strap an exercise in which very important to hold the body Keep your back and legs Just do not let them or sag
  • 01:00: bend to start Hold the pose at least 15 seconds if you stand right then After working for the press back, buttocks and legs hand ready to try keep the bar in within fifteen second one two three four five six seven eight nine
  • 01:32: ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen great It loads the way strip also improves posture and supports overall muscle tone number two push-ups initial position strip and go down so low and how You can make sure
  • 02:00: back pelvis and legs form a straight line slow return to initial position first let made five all push-ups Get one, two three and four the last 5 you were easily if you so You can do more push-ups affects the chest arms and abdominal muscles
  • 02:33: number three hips and buttocks stand on the fours and pull the left leg and right hand to direct education lines slowly bend them tap the right elbow of the left knee straighten the leg and arm again then repeat for the other hand Pull your right leg
  • 03:00: and his left hand to the line line of touch the left elbow to the right knee straighten the leg and arm Well done this exercise is helpful the torso muscles and hip joint it also strengthens most of the muscles back and buttocks Italy [music] number four squatting Stand with your feet shoulder width do not
  • 03:30: get up on your toes sit on imaginary chair knees and feet must be one lines Keep your back straight keep balance raising his hands in front a rise both may be slower squat strengthens muscles of the buttocks and thighs and ankles to start making 512 do not forget to keep back straight March 4 and 5
  • 04:03: cool ideal number 5 press this exercise It strengthens the muscles of the torso and burns fat Lie on your back stretching his arms over head and bending knees slowly raise the top part of the body with his hands right and tap toes back
  • 04:31: its original position want to try together let do 5 reps [music] 12 make it very slowly March 4 and 5 excellent there are only two exercise room six abs and buttocks this exercise
  • 05:00: strengthens waist muscles and press and the buttocks let's see how do keep it the hands and feet to feel tension in the back lift one leg as high as possible lower the top part of the body is not picking up a second heel from the floor you are fine deal again take the original position lift one leg
  • 05:30: lower the top part of the body is not picking up a second heel great move on to the last Exercise number 7 Further Lie face down on gender bending hands elbows and placing them under the head raise the top part of the body as much as possible above remain in this position for second slow return to home position
  • 06:00: let's do it again to five times strengthen the back muscles 1 raise the top part of the body as much as possible above wait second relax 2, do the same 3 you should remember to do exercise So slow [music] 45 Well done
  • 06:35: and here is the full 4 weekly plan training especially for you follow it and your body converts just 1 month a week Now training 6 7 days rest two strap minutes 10 seconds rest
  • 07:00: squeezing one minute Rest 10 seconds and thigh buttocks Rest one minute 10 seconds crouching one minute Rest 10 seconds ideal press Rest one minute 10 seconds and press buttocks of one minute Rest 10 seconds, etc. two minutes rest 10 seconds
  • 07:33: 2 weeks three strap minutes 15 seconds of rest pushup 3 minutes Rest 15 seconds and thigh buttocks three minutes rest 15 squat three seconds minutes 15 seconds of rest ideal press three minutes rest 15
  • 08:01: seconds and press buttocks three minutes rest 15 waist three seconds minutes 15 seconds of rest rest 1 day the third week repeat weekly the fourth plan 1 repeat weekly do not forget to plan 2 share their results and reviews in Insert comments Like if you I liked this video
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