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Chocolate truffle cream. fingers you will lick mm  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you and cupcake Today I'm doing This chocolate cream chocolate cream more called truffle on the principle of work It seems a little on the chocolate for our just not the same saturated and it does not It is so hard to Finally, I will use cream cream I 40 percent fat You can use 33 I begged him not to answer a pound of us you see there a little bit longer
  • 00:30: receive 530 grams is not think ti3 tilt the role will not play cream, I immediately add sugar somewhere About 100 grams of it for every 100 grams cream I put one tablespoon of sugar to my cream at the end was not very cloying and not very sweet because Chocolate I will Dark and unsweetened Here is such a beautiful chocolate I I bought a black 78 percent chocolate very tasty great Chocolate is very good it is in this cream
  • 01:00: also added here even a little bit easier chocolate in there somewhere 56 percent chocolate it immediately seen that they are a I take on the chocolate weight in half its cream as Now I cream I add what one tablespoon possible add 2 I do not know how correctly explain but it will give a like haze taste when you eat Truffle is Nosta this time kneaded it
  • 01:31: Leave your cream warm up before until the moment of cream will not steam ie they have not they must boil You should be well warm up to then to melt chocolate Unfortunately chamber here does not transmit well as it is necessary to cream little pair it well here they're 70 to 80 degrees sure there are already Now its cream Iridescent pentameter chocolate chocolate and leave and do not touch it
  • 02:02: a minute or two this time just can remember pan to avoid nervous not to touch the chocolate leaving Now your chocolate a minute later I all good and quickly stir chocolate very good diverges in cream beautiful it becomes smooth this chocolate smelling mass matchless fragrance all kitchen minus this cream only that what he needs good to stand
  • 02:32: if I have the possibility of doing in advance and leave it overnight in the fridge but at least he needs stand around four hours here so that's pretty weight very, very grip does not go no no lump thanks the fact that donkeys do not It was not very Hot and cold that is to say all is well melted closing plenochkoj his butt this mass and I send cool again I say better just send to
  • 03:03: night after Our cream is good it stabilized can be filled piping bag and just let decorate anything if you need to top then the color will be darker saturated if you for filling in cake I suggest its a little under Beat it is not very strong direct increase in volume It is somewhere in polraza further increase in volume but not much so much whip not to kill and not
  • 03:34: stratified your weight