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  • 00:00: Hello my expensive pleased to see you knit on the channel needles My name is Galina today I want you show how to fit Here is such a beautiful pattern like beautiful patterns look what beauty I am sure that he will like pattern such a little
  • 00:30: the volume and slightly openwork like this it looks great just beautiful you something it Wrong side rovnenko without all the excess and But on the front interesting side here such here weave pattern called lemon I do not make the scheme could because I I can not even imagine
  • 01:00: as much as possible in the scheme These represent elements and now I I will knit you You see at first look pattern seems complex but in general it there is nothing complicated there is no simple pattern It fits easily and I I think that to cope even a novice repeat after me you You will still be able to relate this pattern that's close show how he
  • 01:32: looks very looks good this unusual such an original and Now I say to the public nitochek better than it looks if not knit it from twisted wrong here I've got like 2 strings of yarn alize lanagold 800 I was knitting and here it is not so smotritsa if you take
  • 02:02: that's usually just twisted thread here You can experiment and see how that and a thinner thread if you take a thread it will be thinner look more a gentle air and beautiful it's even a little bit stout thread but I still looks very very original so rapport of the pattern consists five loops plus 2
  • 02:33: I gained the edge here here here abrasion avoid loops I'm here now from such is not the case Slonim yarn here they are right there in the 44 thin thread They twisted yarn So let's see how he It will look out this is not so because I I gained 17 loops and 15 plus 2 edge and the first and second row we just knit
  • 03:04: facial loops remove an edge the first and second row knit facial loops Now knit two a series of facial loops knit next third row distal edge 1 rented front and 3 backstitches 1 2 3 2 we knit facial
  • 03:41: one report 5 loops do not think that's the first loop on repeat 3 backstitches and facial 2 2 and 3 backstitches facial and at the end a number we get
  • 04:11: 1 face and the lip Knit 4 3 series number bead 1 Wrong further 3 we face them 3 together provyazyvaem loops together the underside without removing the is such a loop
  • 04:42: stretched get stretched We do nakida ahead spoke again 3 together provyazyvaem wrong again sc, and 1 3 together seamy shoot us got 5 stitches February 1 3 4 5 1 loop of nakida Here it can be seen this
  • 05:15: sc extended again sc and loop the loop this one here this sc Here we loop lash out at all these loops so that's manner and then we move on the right needle and I pick up and back in this way We transferred all on 2 and backstitches again repeat 3
  • 05:47: my face 3 together provyazyvaem seamy loop pull loop We do nakida again three with sc and more March 1 together three loops we Get 5 Now reset here First we loop
  • 06:18: Untraceable at we here it is next she goes on and sc and we collect here at all these loops and then we move on right needle Lower garden clear yes then again 2 backstitches again repeat loop 3
  • 06:52: together purl 3 together sc sc and 3 together are 1 purl dropped the first loop Untraceable at us from sc and and lash out at all these loops
  • 07:25: and we move on right needle back like that picks up from the bottom up so well, in end we are one Wrong and bead like this I think it turned you cope go ahead turn bead 1 front on 1 Wrong
  • 07:58: now we have these 5 loops need turned into a 3 way 1 Wrong following 2 loops so they two Loop 1 and 2 of my 2 together provyazyvaem wrong and again 2 together wrong here of the five we have left 3
  • 08:29: repeat 2 facial 1 Wrong following 2, 2 1 and 2 together wrong and following 2 together seamy 2 again facial 1
  • 08:59: Wrong 2 together seamy 2 together again wrong and in the end 1 and a number of facial bead so knit bead 1
  • 09:30: Wrong 3 face so this is our sixth row are May 2 backstitches 3 facial 2 3 and facial backstitches
  • 10:08: in the end of the row Wrong and bead turn and knit the next row by drawing a bead 3 front backstitches 2 facial to end
  • 10:41: number of repeat 3 2 facial backstitches knit in pattern 1 repeat of pattern we tied on pattern repeated third row that is the first 2 rows, we provyazyvali facial as if they are not in the pattern involving repeated with
  • 11:11: third row from the back we have a bead Wrong and 3 together purl nakida 3 and 3 together nakida together they dropped 1 loop reserve
  • 11:42: and a loop of the sc sc I pounce on All loops and then her back from the bottom up we move on right needle and continue We have 2 repeat purl and so And so forth It fits this one beautiful and unusual see pattern strings get thinner a gentler pain pattern in the air
  • 12:12: Unlike that's bound by such threads of here more but thick thread Basically, too bad It looks like I I told you experiment try to write different thread and see selected for themselves the best option well ka me here how this is such a More like when with a fine thread Well connected whichever knit if you I liked a review
  • 12:43: place the class is not Remember subscribe to a channel Knitting needles all while until the new meetings