How to knit. Knitting by spokes. Loops from edging. Cast on additional stitches #20

How to knit. Knitting by spokes. Loops from edging. Cast on additional stitches #20  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this tutorial will tell you how make a set additional loops of edge yah Now theoretically yes I suppose this is my Scarf assume that you tied let part 1 bar to front part such as blouses Cardigan check yes and you need to do
  • 00:30: some bar or let's say at the bottom of your We need dovyazat some gum us very mass hanging collar a lot of things up when you need to dial from here wales additional row additional loop means here there is a small trick yes because that because we Well you traditionally edge loop 1 remove and let last we provyazyvaem then we
  • 01:00: it turns out that that's it's a bead it does not loop corresponds to the number of rows then why a classic as a way to gain it's right the number of loops there is usually It is, in principle, we must always try so, too, depends on the thread from sleep by strain but usually done so three Here's these loops to three you should
  • 01:30: dial 44 loops which will go here so whether for respectively then you have twice 2 Loop choose from and each of the 3 loops you 2 is the principle of doing this is now I show how to take fingers thread here I I start from among the mixture not very comfortable Well then, here again the same can be done
  • 02:02: There are two ways yes you can pick up here from the center but that's Latin vi q ticks and can be pick up 2 I usually do sliding it seems to me by means cute Here you are the first 1 captured snatched and accordingly the ubs do not confuse to the tip on the tip of here here 1 have captured
  • 02:33: 2 under the second and legs bukovki led tick it means provyazyvat here so just like how if it were you sleeping so keep in hand means something here second loop so as 3 we have to do something 2 I take there first Now this right Well let me honey foot 1 from it, and a second hinge loop again
  • 03:05: out of the spirit and accordingly I obtained from three edge 4 is typically more just shows I I did it first just now doing more just means two additives Laptop in Latin so checked our under two January 2 and 3 and have
  • 03:35: make 2 means for far from my foot just under two immediately so here it is classic like yes but the way again I want to tell everyone just take a sample and a sample check that is, this is the first pattern you
  • 04:05: to knit it hinges on it here can safely experiment take the edge number and there provyazyvaete and several rows see that ye be not much it not stretched so much pulls together then it all depends on your wrong and spokes tying it means if suddenly you too so many turns or sing too cloth it is not stretched to do so from April 3
  • 04:35: i.e respectively go then right here in each in each loop here and then respectively here so if you such as too little but it is extremely but that's unlikely it accordingly I think diminish this will not be a because in any case one loop corresponds to one row here so long