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Series \"STORM IN me\" \"2 Season 7 Series\" Turkey, the ANNOUNCEMENT, DATE of the EXIT, In Russian, the Melodrama  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello Friends you channel you ransacked you like soap operas waiting for the release date then I to we learn today about series release date storm inside me 1 and 2 in the middle of the season February 2017 premiere
  • 00:30: first season Turkish sweet Drama series called storm inside of me this the show has had on the taste of many genre fans and It caused great interest of many all spectators interest and will whether the extension will Is Season 2 as regards the date release of the second season series inside storm me the creators of repentance advertise plans continued yet give the unknown release of the second season series inside storm I follow our updates and
  • 01:00: a bit about the plot in the center of the plot of the series in the storm inside me They are native sisters Denise and bending of birth they are always together and ready support each other in difficult times life time could seal their relationship to do better friends do not have secrets from each other and they are fully open and honest but things have changed in the time when and with suddenly I learned that her sister I decided to hide from her a young romance
  • 01:31: a man who she once I loved little of their relations have become so strong that the couple has already planned wedding all swipes at relationship sisters with this moment and DIG starts develop a plan how to separate their sister of former beloved among girls begins feud not alone and is not ready give up because they well aware strengths and weaknesses each side meadows but suddenly what happens is that not one expected them
  • 02:01: appears a common enemy and see subscribe channel do not forget to put Like and comment nice view all while [music]