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Made manual roller kromkogib. Made manual roller cromogen.  See details »

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  • 03:26: ie children I looked
  • 03:30: Scavengers on the bottom language is not yes and rabbits without painting have similar construction there all sorts of fields copper rollers more with some even with some but the gift contents yes it's aerobatics this without paint repairs but we have tinsmiths also have up options when there are some small Kotska and reluctance hammering or I want something or other Novi's I spied somewhere Internet here such
  • 04:00: design because it drives the screw Rollers can be changed place that is roller such seamer if you look at my playlist listogibochnye equipment you will see that bearings rollers, etc. I I have long been engaged I have many this tool and when I looked at my I liked the idea I just say it practically I copied well, there It may be slightly Other versions but I work principle I copied from Internet gift I do not you yes you know
  • 04:30: I am trying at least until she engaged but I still have success no but I realized here this tool there shall we say classic cans when torn paint it already broken and it is not necessary to keep well here in front of you I multiple queues literally some produce a few minutes later, I already brought so that is It left all clean up a little literally putty and ready wing that is, I think that here's the thing rather accelerate the
  • 05:00: our work standard alignment and generally many methods of gifts with bespokrasochnoe standard repair cans are very really helps accelerate Well, understanding principles of work with metal Now with a large effect in high pressure has the likelihood that here this morning face forming plane you do not just above the squeeze internal let the surface Yankees new teaser
  • 05:30: these rollers can push the desired surface well, because that the fulcrum that here here it approximately the same This new roller treat the expanded metal that stress and these roller skate Regular metal usually metal msi give little will be softer than the one that already under pressure to rid of this yes that is the problem increase the fulcrum as you can seeing is my it was smart enough here this design from listogibochnye
  • 06:00: equipment is very often used leg roller bearings for to less damage need to travel now I try show Well, the heat is now ska little does not match but you can do can be unscrewed and deliver on this side of that is, and that's
  • 06:31: I have a plane bearing right now It should have the same bearing area Here, though the night dangles it all move but nevertheless does it all but let's work Now here are these videos may only side
  • 07:00: now we have here so here are a mistimed challenge hydrochloric dolly which will have two fulcrum on metal So he two points of support metal here all one I respectively I think these two points stiffness support will be more than one to give it to another Just check with the
  • 07:34: hand, it will not now and camera Transposing
  • 08:05: Well, so here it is about and it turns out somewhere damaged paint somewhere there but we can Does the word with you that We had a hard blow about something and even paint still I went to you Dachshund's children if I have the desire to someone He loves zamorochitsya or make tinker
  • 08:31: try to make something new is not it was hiding podsmotreno in the u-tube honestly time even taking not lie will anyone I I looked speak idea not mine I liked it, I Well I tasted like You see something somewhere but it turns out that is raise the level putty Now these things it is really so
  • 09:00: if what you are doing I dare try I tried liked or may I love to be just bother someone He loves to take on easier where rising some take some support take some little then it all to tap chosen and the I say that all I loved and so to me this is enough I will not argue with you I I like to tinker as it was a thing
  • 09:30: made to see Further rollers there step by step step by step who are not interested marker off this place [applause]
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