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How to replace a lightning on a jacket! by Nadia Umka!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello very often need to change the broken zipper zipper on the jacket do it simply as a Just today we have this and loans for this We need a new Lightning and as tools we need 1 ripper and Sewing course Machine well, as well as needles corresponding
  • 00:30: size and thread in your jacket tonight I I will work on my jacket zakazchitsa replace y it similar lightning that matched to According to data sizes the first step in our work is a spacer We need choose both sides of our lightning and very carefully remove the remnants of the old is not so in my hands today very simple model has only one inside the bar in resulting strut I have it, too, should separate and so
  • 01:00: let's start unpick [music] and [music] after we We chose our old zipper and carefully We cleaned our sections Now let Let us plant our new lightning to impose this our zipper front down on the front side of our jackets slider looking as the front side jacket and very start the careful installation our lightning namely using rolls
  • 01:31: we set after we recorded at One means of pins side of our lightning jackets perform Seam using narrow-sided foot Seam will perform Only from the front side and will ensure that Lining we He remained free and so let's start compound
  • 02:01: [music] but [music] and application [music] after we 100 which is not done let's see line quality very smooth line I will fulfill about 4 millimeter of
  • 02:31: cloves usually your zipper tapes stripes has a very convenient to them orientate to your line get exactly continue to stitch to the second side let our jackets make the necessary namely markup let those Horizontal who have We have modeled our cup with note the other hand well, for example, you can use chalk here are done to mark in by all your docked product looked carefully
  • 03:01: [music] let's grow in our world, and it where we did markup will do small notches 5 3 millimeters to 5 millimeters approximately Now in this way We do it for us to have
  • 03:31: landmark and one with on the other hand our tape to in a result, we all It happened and now necessary parties zippers to stitch our slats if so there for you I have a model I have to do this, simply impose their zipper on the front side trims such Ensures the result I could Then fasten and I'm fine It turned out that there get facial side can too at the top then fix bulavochkami and perform stitching using again that same with narrow legs
  • 04:02: then I Fold the top corner Now in this way as he was on the model and perform stitching let's run [music] after we dragged second but half of me to our slats let now and connect with Jackets for this impose our the front bar side inside Wrong side Strap looks at us then we find serifs we
  • 04:32: performed before and abutting with lines on our other after the jacket side we recorded bulavochkami on our joints can make the connection using the same narrow trays but if you not sure you can tack your detail fasten your jacket and make sure complete symmetry with It should be for the to pad He remained free [music] after we
  • 05:07: Join our lightning with face Our jackets are now We need join our lining but in order to do it us right you need to turn the product inside out and search through the hands of the seam let's protection Here we find the seam and it must disclose but if you do not
  • 05:41: provided by model on the show in the sleeve protect you unpick any sleeve 15-20 centimeters after we ripped through it hole will to turn out our the product inside out Let's do his jacket I He turned inside out and very carefully I spread you too will be very carefully so that when not reversing damage your products
  • 06:11: Now fix our lining with most card that begin with collar with jacket making sure that neck coincided fix this place and bulavochkami moving across length down the track for so that we Lining was very neatly aligned [music] after we
  • 06:44: recorded our pins lined with one and the other hand Make connections guided by our previous line we joined our zipper and so let's do when work will use all the the narrow unilateral leg [music] but after we
  • 07:14: End the connection lining we will turn out through the security seal on all our Kobe the product on the front side with the We will be very, very neat [music] Yes after we gave
  • 07:44: original appearance our jackets we left lock finishing line lining and zipper for this very jacket lining and fix the basic fabric of our jacket pulling lightly lined in such a way that Later she It interferes with the movement Runner saying and doing this by pins over the entire length lightning for sure you can fly zipper is easier for you laying after finishing seams we our fixed lining and the basic
  • 08:14: the fabric will perform finishing line focusing on previous line we will use usually just foot thus fulfill actions with one and other jackets [music] he [music] after we completed building let lines
  • 08:45: we perform control quality for this We close our products all very well got all looks very neatly and now let him reveal see what we it turned out to lined with lining, we also All very well and now we need to again turn our cuff and said close remains open
  • 09:15: the seam [music] Well that's all from here such a simple repairs on zipper replacement, we met Today I am sure that even a novice cope with this task so go ahead create and get inspired help your channel aid channels really You must be very please do not consider my appeal to any cunning extortion money, believe me, I
  • 09:46: would you would never asked if in This would not be sharp necessity consider it in as any minimum investments that bring you great dividends as very useful necessary and costly information I I am giving you a completely free on this we note today We forgive all thank you and all while [music]