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Leaf hook. Master class. Leaf\/Leaves crochet DIY

Leaf hook. Master class. Leaf\/Leaves crochet DIY  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear subscribers and visit my channel my name is Oksana and this video I will show master class as crochet here such a lesochek It is the easiest method of knitting leaves the master class I show very detailed knitting I'm from Acacia yarn 100 percent acrylic and hook I have one with half and so Getting Started Knitting we collect a chain of 14 aerial loops
  • 00:31: typing chain We begin to knit a third loop knit bars without sc knit in every loop until the end
  • 01:01: a number So we dovyazali up end of the series now last loop we knit five columns
  • 01:32: without sc Now we will knit columns without nakida here on this side to knit so end of the series dovyazali until the end
  • 02:32: Now a number of the tail cut off and now here what we have last loop we knit five columns without nakida January 2 3 4 5 is now following
  • 03:02: we were binding loop column, without sc and so, too, were binding on each loop column without nakida not imposed by this side tabs 3 Now we do not dovyazali 3
  • 03:38: tabs now here so here overturn work Air loop 1 loop pile and knit a column without sc and later in every loop knit bars without sc do we always we will knit columns, without sc so knit up It turns to the edge down . so now the three of
  • 04:19: secondary loops we knit as follows way each loop of knit 2 column 1 February second loop also as just two and a third the average song is also 1 the second column column and then to every loop knit one pillar of the knit until the end a number not dovyazyvaem 3
  • 04:50: eyelets But inside loops Now that does not dovyazali obtained overturn work air loop and I starting to knit
  • 05:22: columns, without sc each loop previous row and again to knit mid-col. Now 3 medium
  • 05:55: we also loops how will provyazyvat about reaching a number each loop of two column, without sc 1 two loop columns the rare Five zoom and posts and Third pussy 2 column and then knit each loop of the pillar without sc so knit to the end a number not dovyazyvaem 3 eyelets So we here at provyazat
  • 06:39: we have now obtained again overturn aeronautical loop and continue knit columns without sc in each the previous eyelet series of knit as before the middle foxes. 3 medium eyelet middle leaf and as well as in the previous row We will provyazyvat on two columns without sc This series of knit as well
  • 07:42: as previous knit columns without sc in each loop not dovyazyvaya 3 loops Now we are so knit Now overturn work air loop and each loop knit columns without sc's left
  • 08:12: just a little bit knit and knit each loop and three secondary loops we how will provyazyvat and in the previous row in each loop of two columns without sc further continue
  • 09:09: Knit each loop on the pillar not without sc dovyazyvaya in this series 3 loops as well as in the previous row Now that we We now obtain overturn Air petting and every loop knit column one column, without sc This series of knit as well like the previous series do not forget that middle three loops middle leaf and knit as follows
  • 09:40: every way loop two column, without sc So we still knit
  • 10:44: a row and we there are very Little overturn aeronautical loop column without sc in each the previous eyelet a number now three average
  • 11:29: loops we were binding on two columns without sc is the last Just when we these average song will knit 2 column Next, we will have lick one the pillar as well as in all other We continue this number of columns without sc in each loop knit so all the way to the end leaving a number of 3 loops like
  • 12:00: previous dovyazali until the end a number that's what we It can happen here so that's already a leaf but I leave Continuing knit Now we collect chain of air 5 strand 34 loops
  • 12:31: Now here's the tip Now this tip leaflet we were binding column, without sc 5 again, the air the loop here in this its tip tip column, without sc 5 further air tabs in here column, without sc and just knit for the other side of the fox.
  • 13:01: further continue
  • 13:32: Knit each loop knit 1 the pillar without sc knit in every loop this series we were binding without adding that is, across loops even middle three were binding on one without the pillar sc dovyazali until the end
  • 14:42: a number that's what now we get knit the last row of 3 aerial loops Further knit pico We introduce the hook in column, without sc here and so and so we introduce the hook stretch loop and stretch loop which is hook here and so Now a couple of knit 7 columns without sc 1
  • 15:14: 2 3 4 5 6 7 now following arch knit 1 and 3 bar air loops and knit pico introduce the hook bar without sc stretch yarn and
  • 15:45: We pulled through loop on the hook knit the remaining six columns without sc in this arch, and so undergirding each arch Now that we
  • 16:43: get exactly also required and other side tying last loop knit column, without sc 3 aerial loops and provyazyvaem peak This is followed by loop knit coupling loop air to loop tighten thread and cut off and tighten it again cut off the tip and
  • 17:14: eventually we will that's so cute that's the whole leaf a master class friends if you like put my video Like there were questions write in comments Do not forget subscribe to my channel as well as necessary see my other master classes all thank you very much for attention and creative you success before the meeting in new video