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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I cook pilaf on this pilaf recipe I I cook for many years for friends and my family, and no one has yet he was distressed taste always work crisp juicy aromatic saturated and very tasty meat we will cut the average Dice suit any I have meat pork and beef cauldron pour 200 milliliters vegetable oil well warmed up odor omit prepared meats and fry the meat until As long as the meat stop and foaming
  • 00:30: will start a gold bow we shall cut half rings add meat stew until onion is soft carrots grate on a coarse grater and add cauldron peace you can add less I love her so I add a lot of stew until soft carrots stir occasionally add salt Bay leaf
  • 01:01: fill one glass of water We fall asleep parboiled they washed rice Long round Figure does not fit with him Scrap is like porridge fill with water so to figure disappeared around your finger cover with lid and cook over low heat to Plov not burnt about 50 60 prepare minutes garlic rice swell and grow will almost ready to do the middle depression
  • 01:32: add up prepared garlic Rice is now doing tubercle cover with lid and cook for 7-10 minutes to simmer [music] turn off the stove and leave about 30 minutes to warm Now the plate add seasoning pilaf for All mix
  • 02:00: [music] cover with lid and give afloat yet mature we stand We can not eat right but so it looks after exposure crumbly fragrant and very delicious subscribe to my write channel comments and see my other I wish you a video Bon Appetit and good mood [music]