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  • 00:00: then we go along the wall beyond have to do is not very tricky maneuver turn around and put your feet on wall it turns out that peasants snip clips almost came adjacent to the wall already this position is you it will take It gives some pleasant it gives our body relaxation to rice It provides relaxation nape of the neck relaxes back
  • 00:30: valence of the hip removes stagnation removes swelling in the legs very helpful but on imported Veins in the compartment with other work and so We start practice you can lie and it I have the benefit of I recommend you check what poyasnichka tight floor under the palm prestige not crawls what the cervical spine flat chin chest and maximum pull up and then you
  • 01:00: You feel what cervical pass decreased and then we put one leg on top of another if ankle hurt presses on the thigh can be you can put the drumstick put a foot lifting or you can tolerate Cardboard wills One hand is placed on the knee and a little thing the first with what we start and not many by rocking the knee if a person severe pain is movement can not
  • 01:31: but to do it alone currently we say prepares adapts we have a little bit of you rock the knee maybe even You feel like here Chris becomes easier as there is relief sacrum below most but the most guileless I'm starting to slow So slow bend leg which the top of the knee joint and crawl heel down
  • 02:03: both direction pretty soon you You feel what Now there is a limit what the feeling tension should be stay stop relax breathe out soreness breathing out twice as long as inhalation concentrate on relaxation as As these sensations will go you can bend
  • 02:34: stronger stronger leg It may not be turn on the first weeks and months of practice strongly bent leg It is heavily dependent on your state pelvic floor as who do not understand me I will explain this brother has give global position of organs pelvic hi all kinds problems with prostate gland with ovaries from mark when you keep it
  • 03:04: movement you revealed hip stretched muscles back surface thigh but rump it is desirable not to coming off the floor to She was pinned to the the floor can be very that we here so much I bend the leg and can it I am not fundamentally a trained a little bit longer than Many well and who is get better than that I get to
  • 03:34: level of comfort pain and relax if the problem is to remove pain in this position is necessary be at least 10 and better than 20 minutes each leg can be a little help yourself Put your hands on top for example in the knee strengthen the body flexion we breathe relax
  • 04:08: We are focusing on Now feeling quietly leg straighten and change places his feet, I once again I remind you must do we as a race today is very limited time we We do quickly the other side starts with the same himself shaking the knee a little bit We adapt our body second hand better to lay traps sky is over
  • 04:38: relaxed opposition than if palms earth plus it gives certain switching energy flows but not to go into the details and I put the world you will say everything physical terms official medicine the official tax further quietly We start cranking our mob trying as soon as there voltage at the hip bent legs which
  • 05:08: It is the top stay to relax and achieve full relaxation as your muscles will let you bend your leg all more traffic It should be comfortable I once again remind our neck as much as possible our flat become clear
  • 05:39: the most densely adjacent floor yet again reminded if ankle bone painful brings you to thigh muscles and you do not want to endure while in Generally, it is possible and also suffer a nice massage useful if unpleasant helpful you can shift the or pain in the meter or foot lifting safer sick because then not exactly the world rastyanesh ankle joints can in some
  • 06:15: Currently capture yourself hands on top of the lower leg or from the hip is too a valid option We are trying to achieve maximum relaxation, even If your leg is almost straight I repeat opportunities for all various competing only with themselves quietly
  • 06:47: straighten legs put on top relaxing and We are doing now the next thing we must a little povraschat legs inside socks opened slightly sacrum hip joints revive the knee is February 1 bending both legs I am standing on knees stenochku and smoothly conduct Kalenik Lola turning one
  • 07:17: side at the maximum close to the wall moms second hand remains behind him comes counterweight turning heads behind his back side second hand and We try relax your knees may be air and Now the second blade hand, it is desirable put on the floor if you want a little bit you can strengthen both the knee to press hall
  • 07:48: go smoothly and We are doing the same thing in the other side and not conduct floor cleaning to in wall and themselves curl far twist alliance American security leave both feet We put on the wall hip
  • 08:24: thrower in hand It may even be in here This embodiment when 100 would not be together and simply touch the walls and again crawling with tops both of you feel traction at the base hips and disclosure for your hip joints once again remind you to fans what to severe pain itself it is not necessary to bring the
  • 08:54: put feet together and slightly pushing hands on hips breed thighs hand perfectly they have not necessarily so you will disperse how can I have a they will be somewhere in the shoulder region joint working always with the that we have competing with themselves here you are probably noted that when
  • 09:25: you go with program that condition condition your body will let's change today you Gymnastics is easy it is very flexible and tomorrow you squeezed this is normal no need to be afraid well as progress It is two steps forward step back far worse when like ordinary people all time ago The more you live fixed the topic more dead this It can be correctly age very
  • 09:56: greatly improve status of your if the health of the Childhood is not engaged and you can literally number of years of very strong rejuvenate yourself on a dozen to two dozen for more years now! quietly legs throwing hand so far you feel comfortable [music] many fall on
  • 10:27: wall and neatly to spread again you might this higher position it does not matter so much how you comfortable feet the parties should be a little lie a little lie relax your hips Here's the simple exercise can to do with the morning in bed when we
  • 10:57: woke up when B is adjacent to the the wall can be done before going to bed and you can even sleep in them general that no contraindications Now the grandfather pull handle for back We do flat neck party game chin guns and maximum relaxes our shoulders We try to bring due to relaxation our elbows to the floor poyasnichka mode
  • 11:28: flat and resemble that poyasnichka flat it's good now you need to take the knee of one leg pull his shoulder and then a little inside the opposite shoulder work with restriction on hip joint of one leg then 2-to-shoulder and the opposite
  • 11:59: shoulder OK turns to I promised you a flank to Option 1 poses for pain you can do and without stenochki without the points it will actually look just like in stenochki one leg put on another and then simply quietly reaches out to itself but by the wall and convenient because hands tense and God through smoothly rise immediately
  • 12:29: try remember this recovery option via tank while moaning improved their health while spine did not up as a healthy pana 's daughter from the grave prohibited and mildly safely rise through align their god back and revive filled by spine youth and energy Health is not only body not only joints but also all internal organs and to be filled
  • 13:00: wisdom and life joy 20 22 and 27 June this year will be held event tree of life revival sign up to not to miss come themselves and bring friends and friends the choice is yours spine in the form of total tree or spine filled youth and energy