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The most available pencil for cleaning shlif skins  See details »

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  • 00:00: greetings to all subscribers and Spectators my channel in one of the past rollers showed a chistilku for nazhdachki but they know that it is this other suspects for the rest I I shot a video clip in such original widget manufacturer It called cleaning bar for nazhdachki well, or bar for nazhdachki cleansing and shop it sells 1000 rubles, well that was
  • 00:31: it is clear there about but but only brusochek a little bit country and size but somewhere here so it is possible here with my small palms compare in size here such brusochek Cleaning is worth 1000 rubles, it seems to me give thousands rubles per piece rubber but not quite rational but he course is long but right now, I'll show that, in principle,
  • 01:01: everyone has potential reserves Now this honor nail nazhdachki food is silicone Well let's pick he silicone Older seen here makrofleks health guess that his death has come as a Silicone well as the many have noted that silicone died while a little girl so
  • 01:31: old virgins and took place Well that is spent in me in the bucket well, to confirm my guess is persecuted Now plug It left him because get well and to apply the new for this purpose Now scissors and then he came out with us
  • 02:01: small confusion Silicone is not dead yet that is, he already has one foot in the grave and the second more general clinging to life do anything that Now as an option consider not just extraction of the cleaning ki consider options
  • 02:31: production code, we cut and cover Now in this position can be retain silicone ripen I all the same continue search and more we just pull out and voila brother-twin
  • 03:01: but rather they twins Well and confirmation let my words try it a bit of exploit first check its on the tape grinding machine [applause] [music] all clean more check the [music]
  • 03:35: Coated Abrasives too neatly just before It is working with dust from putty [music] and substantially pure round Well now you
  • 04:09: all know where to get such chistilku to me in the end, with 2 One white, one black well or rather it is not quite it was black silicone brown if the color information on the cleaning in pencil good it is not useful Remember to share in social networks According to a video clip
  • 04:40: continue with you goodbye channel I also to watch now the end of the video is pop thumbnails if you there is something interested mouse clicking I remind you there Only 18 seconds to decide on new video clips