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  • 00:00: Hello Dear visitors site electric home point ru today's video we look at ways as possible check pattern on operation uzho is known performs very important function protect people from defeat electric shock in the event leakage so it's important periodically perform validation efficiency puddle as In this Example
  • 00:32: Video will check Eric firms with node rated current leak 30 milliamperes protective device off with par value often used in everyday life set as a apartments of such houses and so is the common and safe way check this mustache of course with the help of specially intended for this functionality This button is the test and here it is located on the corner and this button is on any device
  • 01:04: breakers regardless of the brand and technical performance for to check service is sufficient press this button if intact properly connected It should include a home inspection absolutely enough So check how you can see when you click on key test boa immediately let deactivated check again the
  • 01:34: there is a preliminary information suggests is that for us absolutely correctly how to check operability nodes via improvised if the test site with button is not cause you confidence I have an opportunity validate with using improvised
  • 02:04: means to do you need to collect a small device That is now It consists of a face ordinary light bulbs the strings under a light bulb resistance connection wires here tips here can be such do when turn on the power such control light bulb on it no current flows more than 30 milliamperes is It is no more than rated current
  • 02:35: leakage which designed for our pattern and since validate this moon via improvised means if you have at home or apartment socket connection earth that is every outlet connected the grounding conductor check operability node in this case, possible for each separate sockets for It's enough to one end of our warning lamp connect to
  • 03:05: about grounding the second would stick phase connector let check the key for him one end to touch grounding contact sockets 2 poke phase connector as you can see I will let's disconnected Recheck this device pretty convenient
  • 03:35: and allows you to check not only 1 efficiency but also kind of knots can verify integrity grounding Explorer is a very important if you outlet connected instead of ground guide guide that most users and is that in this case, check operability nodes for each single outlet by such devices do not succeed since there is no
  • 04:05: create opportunities leak in this case possible to check work but directly into electro to This requires a end of our devices connect to a zero input repeat pattern touch exit fans that is it He feels leakage and let's works check including Muse
  • 04:35: one end of the touch input 0 second in phase output pattern as the you see disconnected Otomi says that she let's regularly Just check one end on a second input 0 for output as a phase see fret fires perfectly now let
  • 05:05: After a little experiment look at what real leakage currents our memory to work this requires gather a small circuit which comprises from the very pattern the milliammeter have a multimeter in mode milliamp and our control and light bulbs resistance and sharply the role rheostat will serve us normal So let's dimmer We see include
  • 05:36: pattern current to rise light bulb Vladimir was involved and in two runs 4 and 5 milliamps smoothly raise the current Nearly 485 milliamps and these 5
  • 06:09: 7 Now as you can see almost all tributaries milliamps and we I worked now let check 3 in which leakage currents work It is no longer a pattern differential automatic Emergency circuit breakers
  • 06:39: also designed to rated current leak 30 milliamperes let's check does not tea machine and a differential Apply power to the a light bulb through the dimmer Dime include 4 and 8 milliamps of already underway through the bulb gradually get
  • 07:11: 16 years later I bulb flows current is already seeing the glow filament light bulbs 17 that's almost 19 on a computer and
  • 07:46: Emergency circuit breakers all canceled before meeting next video Tutorials