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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends, I am pleased welcome you again on our channel Thanks to all that you and our friends yesterday evening we are We stood on this place rather I was you You could see it I talked about why not water the plant at night also He said in the past video that Zelentsy cucumber poured into mostly night and now I want to show how
  • 00:31: It happened here yesterday here tonight collecting was still nothing today like You can see Zelentsy is simply outgrow ie per night here now half past eight in the morning for night they are so We have gained moisture so increased as the see again crack the add I read no fruit comments spectators thank you large lot also learn from the new your experience because the main purpose of our channel still is a large exchange of experience
  • 01:01: Yes, I know a lot but and you know a lot because you also do not first day doing this in you have some developments someone He writes even recipes from parents from grandparents grandparents and friends is very interesting to me it is also very true interested to learn and so small Update done according I question watering said that on the night water is undesirable because that it can lead to cracking up Zelentsy cucumber very plastic and
  • 01:31: cracking is rather rare it on my Memory we happened just a couple of times over all the years that we We deal mainly cracking subject to tomatoes I also in video yesterday said that night plant You should go to the soil was wet under the roots ie If you water evening for Vespers hour, two hours before sundown assume and certainly Water is heated well watered Vodicka cushy
  • 02:01: cucumber plants because cold cucumber watering carrying heavy starts to hurt roots start too sick well, it is generally You know all the bad and without I have many of our viewers write that watered always the evening then there was no morning day irrigation was only Vespers well who such as there is Maybe someone the evening has opportunity to polyp but the day under the scorching sun especially the sun high temperature Of course the pressure in sheet plate
  • 02:31: decreases and watering for two o'clock suppose to the sun the whole approach moisture flow is certainly in the first all leafy plate i.e. water out at once Zelentsy Water fills out Pressure in the sheet so there is no sharp avalanche water flow Zelentsy and as a consequence all basically always OK so it's not an axiom that I yesterday told of issue is that It has to
  • 03:01: crash happen again but the risk of this cracking increases although I This video has already He said cucumbers cracking much less than tomatoes and so friends but Today I want to tell a friend in a previous the last video I said method the forming plant cucumber today want tell very a fun way you can tell the way number two as much as possible produce and how many people produce forming shop plants in a manner which I He told us
  • 03:31: from left 2 inflorescence 2-3 inflorescences and friends here we have the first harvest Now we collect it saved the Inca eat the fruit is no longer on central stalks as you can see on their central stems quantity but decreased at the bottom now there is a return zelentsov the top under trellis layer In addition, we We start slowly already collect to escape on lateral shoots, and
  • 04:02: this method leaving to run on 2 also has a good the right to life as we in principle and in doing but basically you can do differently the way I think not less interesting than one of which I told I by the method number 2 look like forming plant to a height of 50 centimeters if we grow in the early stages when little sun activity we remove all suckers 50
  • 04:32: centimeters and leave one the fetus it's not different from what I He said in the past videos since then 50 centimeters to meters left on one stepson and one ovary that is here If you look at an example of this here here we have left 2 and ovary but two sheets the second method, we cut off and leave one by one such stepchildren we subject in each
  • 05:02: axil 50 centimeters to a meter April 5 will like these stepson in solitary each of the sinuses since leaving height meter since the height of meter Friends, we reserve and two sheets 2 cucumber and leave it just another two feet out from under each sheet We produce double here We are here on the bag and already under the trellis We start to leave
  • 05:32: stepchildren, three or four ovary and 3-4 leaves it is just under the trellis then the central stem we lay neatly on the trellis and pinch back central stem It must be on a trellis on four of five three times two sheets 4 May and neatly it's all tied to a trellis rope not to tie Pericles did not laz down
  • 06:02: That is not to like throw a a central stem through the wire because he can how to roll result find difficulty food receipt after the inflection in and now the rest of the already under these sheets we reserve the victory 50 centimeters down they must hang without bending central stem just here such here are we hanging shoots
  • 06:32: only that pinch stepson which have very close us to prischipnut Here at the top this leaf spot no extreme stepson does not droop Well here should little we launched landing If you rarely see if that's so it turns out that friends better still prischipnut before the next plant that is to stepson with this plant I began to subside closing and shading adjacent the body again there will have to be
  • 07:02: leave 1 February may well be three wider if all It depends on the width between plants reserve 50 centimeters shoots hanging it even very nice to I look like friends I saw it well, just there is something look hanging sausages and all hung here such cucumbers I I saw certainly impressed but if continues plant growth and then that is it It's great feeding attacked is always something on
  • 07:32: Now this is hanging possible we still leave them prischipnut after 50 cm they hang 50 centimeters possible leave to expel They still win second-order to course is increased by one plant then we do not have not to lower plant do not bend it somehow because the bend will simply inconvenient and look here suppose we would just now from seeing and show that happen if we
  • 08:02: Well before him in the first place what can damaged stem central to the feast kinds and secondly it will go to and represents all shoots are released from under everyone here sheet will go one post it is not will miss the sun they will prevent us leaving and the sheet dressing is not efficiently because our solution and treatment of diseases It will not be effective pile of leaves in one place we will not give Rel
  • 08:32: them to droplet a mixture of where we should why like this exactly garter one cent on a garter central stem on a trellis seal and consistently and lowering it It helps us to avoid Now all these moments nuances inconveniences's friends as you can see very very interesting so effective if someone is not so try someone can already tried Try for at least some of its plants
  • 09:03: I think you like collection Harvest usually we We produce in the morning hours to Cucumber has not started to give way evaporation of its mass not started it softer cucumber is the morning crispy most well-preserved after the harvest, we All this is packed into regular banana Boxes with film always with a film because the cucumber may lose mass, even as early as assembled friends and neatly it all repose here with portion 99
  • 09:33: Plant the way for those who are interested and who do not know I say What we grow hybrids is the bullet itself and we and hybrids Morinda and a little cupid very good way now friends and there I better tell you moringa grown very We liked Adam and some others the average size that we share collect 10-12 centimeters try not to admit escalating because it lost its
  • 10:03: appearance and taste qualities Today we have gathered Well that's about We will be considered rude about 100 plants 30 kilograms ie 300 grams with but given plant what we produce charges through the day it is quite good result and still say we do not zakarmlivaem their plants for to get as possible because that should always be be a happy medium between the quality of crop and the number of It could be
  • 10:34: overfeed nourish its power but there were even cases I will tell you something brought but no we are not on coins market in Lugansk us growers say so in cellophane bags the cucumbers, and they through day just flowed why it happens and what cucumber, just floating a day after two if it is impregnated nitrate do not worth it and we are so never act So at this friend its not very
  • 11:04: I have a short video finish thanks to all who looked through it before end wish you good tasty who harvests I liked this video just put the Huskies you good to Goodbye to the new meetings [music]