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Passo a Passo Flor de Crochê Paixão por JNY Crochê  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello guys in class and today I will teach It a new passion crochet flower is it is ideal for path table and Bathroom games pads is central table last work that we can do with this flower are varied and It is almost finally borrowed to
  • 00:30: really a lot with this flower crochet and which is great because after It is very beautiful then today's lesson material will here are the string is mixed in color wine and also in green color and the needle was used the number three and a half but you can use the needle you are accustomed to using to string 4/6 touch
  • 01:01: then go to the step by step we then start here with 11 circle Magic doing here with is and pulling the thread into the here circle over already starting with 3 little chains that will serve here as the Our first highlight we'll need 16 highlights here in our so already miolinho
  • 01:34: They will be the first of these first three chains we do 15 more highlights made 16 withdrawals highlights we will close this circle with a
  • 02:07: slip stitch on the first career point and we will use wire left the magic circle that accompanied us throughout all around here to the chamdo it we'll adjust that the beginning of the circle if you want you can have up to shot this FEAC circle spare
  • 02:38: Magic're ok for now so let's aspects let us make three chains and a point high in the same base blip here so we'll see with this turn our flower the wrong side up three chains to serve as a first point and three high currents to form
  • 03:09: one was then we do three Here the third back current current that will serve here as the our high point and we will make a point very low in here let points base we will work a high point and a peak in the same way three very low current point to the point of base
  • 03:40: a high point and a peak point three streams the very low base point we will keep doing so until we we are left with 6 pick today then point High and co the high peak point
  • 04:12: the highlight He stayed and finished the stone with a point high here we made the first stone our fu let's turn the half lulinha here to
  • 04:42: front and we will hold a low here on this base point refers here where we started our work is ok we hold is that pulling point forward I insert the my needle and pull here that point to front will hold a low We completed the first stone of our
  • 05:17: force we now make two chains my a base dot Mpula skip a base blip and next let's make a low two current lines and at a high point same base point Here we turn our flower
  • 05:51: we will rise three streams and three the peak currents for a high point and a peak ae as high and a peak
  • 06:25: a high point and was a high point peak the highlight and co We are ending up with a high point
  • 06:58: then we pick six in the here our stone let's turn the flower on the right side again and we will hold with a point down again here at the same point where we did work okay so will always stay here with the difference of one point is
  • 07:31: between one petal and another then sell with low and there I'll just repeat to you here catch better get finished petal we will enter our guide back point we come out ahead again Here pulling this point forward and there so we do
  • 08:03: the low current two lines the hulu a base point and the next we will do the next stone so we will just follow around whole of our Bantam until we complete 18 stones of our strength and we doing there then following this step by step ok
  • 08:34: and then here come the end of the last Our philosophy of Petal My we're here to hold the point low relief that is ahead pulling here I count forward and we then make my chains and two Attach here behind our flower in point here the first stone we
  • 09:06: did we hold here a low here behind our flower We turn the flower from the wrong side and we make a chain and a low here on top of the highest point we used as a basis to make our stone
  • 09:36: so let's go here at point do a low We turn the flower right side again we make four little chains we next peta and we will hold here the high point here on the base point high we used to do
  • 10:06: petals again obtains a low 4 current will again next petal always leaving it will come dinho so that way personal touch to it gets this curvinha're up here well I do not look like no it is even with this wine color and We will learn that our point
  • 10:36: low at the height of base leaving the flower with that same curvinha she will accentuating this kitchen our our petals okay so let's working well by the end making four little chains and taking the petal here learning here
  • 11:06: at the height of a low coming here in the last petal us Here we hold a very low point
  • 11:38: here at the beginning of our career finalizing ringlets here we pass in the first ball with a very low rise and point 3 current through the first point and one high two highlights closing here a small group of three highlights the three chains
  • 12:09: beginning two more highlights let us make three chains and other small group of three high points in the ball next three points to 3 three little chains and highlights again 3 little chains and three highlights
  • 12:42: again and we working so until the career end coming here Career end we will
  • 13:12: holding a slip stitch early in his career the arrematamos our wire and let's move now to the wire green and then here with the green child we'll make the initial and released
  • 13:48: let's go inside any ringlet of our flower a necklace to serve as the first low and five little chains a low point 7 a low current niche 5 little chains
  • 14:21: the low point of little chains 3 spacing and have already begun to make next leaves repeating the same here is the same is the same step is ok step by step The low low little chains 5 Low little chains 7
  • 14:56: five little chains low Here ending of the second leaflet our flower and we will do so until the personal career end always making on here a sheet of the leaflet in another three current and next is ringlet he had to do next
  • 15:30: leaflet okay so let's move doing so until the end of career and here coming to the end of the last sheet but we will hold a point very low early in his career and we can already cast off our son go here then kill behind work
  • 16:02: any leftovers to carry forward and so here I finished our flower I hope everyone enjoyed the class and flower who liked it liked and share register the channel to not lose
  • 16:32: news ok I will staying for here and see you next class folks a big hug and there visit our shop on our blog links in the video description the party also our videos suggested register in our channel and share JNY broxei done with care and to adu you
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