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The tremendous recipe - smooth heels in house conditions in 10 minutes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my I want the audience favorite share their perfect recipe to care for the feet is for heels after leg treatment in this way the legs will be on the heels of the soul smooth gentle if soles strongly launched by the need to repeat this procedure several again nothing will but good so
  • 00:30: let's start Friends if you have not Subscribe to my channel sonnets subscribe after not signed Remember to click on the bell update of withdrawal new video that we need for that we need vinegar Glycerin can be bought in pharmacy peroxide hydrogen must have All there is such a that's what is called grater for feet can be take Penza you need to take this here small metochku this size to
  • 01:00: fit it legs and pour half liters of water to it It was hot but not I was very to comfortable feet here I have somewhere half l need to take 4 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide so hydrogen peroxide in I have 3 percent omit the legs back and if sitting legs strongly launched the
  • 01:31: Sit longer you can not imagine after which a hard day when you have the whole day legs take such Now you know the bath legs straight and resting a pleasure try and get Now after you sat 10-15 minutes take it from the device I'm here so here it is can be two-way acquire it even
  • 02:03: I do not know and do not even remember where it acquired one there is Penza anyone here one side of this rude for such serious it is more gentle and We start slowly handle sitting in water here feet in water and process heels where you have corn key this still recommend
  • 02:46: dry, do not need it always use moisten because can cause injury for the countries you are the grandson of the skin especially on gentle Now after the winter preparing a mixture of course it should be done advance I'm doing just show now for this use glycerin us You need a room spoon do not mix
  • 03:16: vinegar, 9 percent dining room or can be take apple take half tablespoon stir this world Now this carefully the mixture should be rubbed our feet where we treated
  • 03:46: [music] the mixture does not regret it can be very much the same on second leg I say that's just the Now this can be a mixture of lubricate the legs each day because it very useful and necessary Besides that I want
  • 04:18: say this mix very good not absorbed leaves virtually no there grease stains immediately absorbed and then need wear socks I I was fed a mixture of wearing socks want said trays here This here's bath it is necessary to do 1 time per week Now this mixture each its just a day you
  • 04:48: apply it quickly absorbed in the evenings especially now I'm doing when I come after work my legs yes or fall off there tired of the whole day the effect is really breathtaking try and specify see for yourself share with friends can someone too We need all over the Thank you for your attention and until the next meeting