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  • 00:00: Hello dear visit my channel My name is Anna and today I want to offer little attention video lesson on insulation crocheted mittens or mitts such an option I procured specially twisted on the left side of the has 1 gloves, I made podkladochka and so today I show you how It looks from the front
  • 00:30: children's parties so the hook a little bit difficult for me to auto turn out well as elsewhere prolazit my hand that's how it it looks to in front of the Basically nothing notably in a mitten We are not of the axes It turned into winter and so who is actually interesting let's run with means for the work we need originally very thief line of fabric
  • 01:00: that you will use for Lining can take Fleece can be taken here a knitted Cotton on the barrel as at I have a piece of paper, we I need I use the handle you you can use pencil pen anything to
  • 01:30: Only taking into account What to test Later not to It was so evident on the fabric scissors course we also need and mind paper sheet take our mitten exerted paper can be directly attach to the edge extra we do not crop and I I put not to the end that is on I do not gum I put no I sew a lining rezinochki that is here then May 7 stock small that she 2 barrel leave all draw out where these
  • 02:00: any device you chose yes I have it easy pen that is like this Here in a circle on outer right side It can be a little if you reserve will stitch smear I like that you can Our small margin you are here and so circled Next we mitten
  • 02:31: here and so we turn down back and see us we need a line of finger our finger exactly same position here and so and this line we have to too clearly today we draw a drain we look check and if by ticker check them out from me start here 7 centimeters with this 77 side and everything is clear exactly all the very
  • 03:01: if schematically so here and so so we shemka now we got it cuts out with you after cut our the pattern then we need with you now to prepare cloth laid fabric are putting a pattern here below I applied to
  • 03:31: himself out of the corner Here, too, about the Well It can be a millimeter several Depending on as you will if hand at all allowances not over so as you have practically Nothing goes on the seam if a typewriter especially if there is no capabilities stitch quite Out of the corner is respectively make a small allowance our draw out the pattern We translate all
  • 04:03: case for fabric this is our first pattern below us you need here our paper pattern cut here it's Thumb it cuts out shooting is under Thumb and [music] apstrikom here on this Slitting line is such Circuits in
  • 04:34: We turned and he also mix similar and putting a draw out this detail next we'll draw out ready then we finger here and so
  • 05:04: folding and at the same intervals with on the other hand, we the finger draws duplicate cut it is such a part and We got take Again the upper part We are putting our finger back here in order to simply fabric savings I will move here so I spread again
  • 05:35: the whole thing encircle ie this is our it turns 3 final details Now all we have is all bake another
  • 06:05: moment before start clip out will be in this place add a little to allowance Circuits will be here shiva tsa we size taken without allowances we completely cut exactly half of the middle line cut 1 track li-ion in We are no with butterflies therefore, here and here we need to make Now increase all
  • 06:36: cut out, taking into account allowances, and so that's our three parts cut and now we arming one that has meaning someone thread a needle who's there runs to the machine first here this Circuits large general and until We leave it at the top we get it in We bottom my white the party will go to knitted mittens that there it is like to be
  • 07:06: seamy side so all I seams on the white side will be painted where I drew color I will have to hand and so here and so we add We connect these two lines connect our Thumb and start staple here on this line then go on her finger or who are squandering We sew our finger
  • 07:37: fully here and so this water up here metochki ie to the level here this line so that we turned out here such the item to mirror display and go and so do all I stitch on typewriter is such Circuits in us you get in a result that is, here it is we have our finger we can try certainly not on my hand
  • 08:09: but here and so well then we connect two faces and sew around perimeter that is here and so avoiding finger here here here and so neatly hop hop Hop hop hop hop hop and to the bottom finish lavishing completely around
  • 08:41: diameter, and now we our need to zagotovochku measure up husband did we all well-suited the next step we put on our cloth on hand put on top of our mitten But in these places and But in these places should immediately
  • 09:12: sew with thread take a needle and We sew here in these two places should be immediately fix here on Now here at circle to the top several bulavochkami immediately try on hand I carefully chop off the child before you can day we fix about fingers and when there is already all I fasten it to have We did not get out from the bottom We will begin on already sewn on top and so we are now
  • 09:42: dress gloves 2 together all flatten level and we fix that's the two places so after Here is a fitting about the result in you should have ie here so we recorded by all circle like this Now there mitten 2 of lining and will Now here capture these ground means I will start us finger
  • 10:12: convenient He did not run away and I the only one more point that is, when you You start to sew Well here at me with my finger but hardly prolazit so I will be your run your finger start from the front ie your hand knot it will remain lined but from yarn that is here in this way drive a needle that It led to mark it
  • 10:42: we had not noticed to the inside, too, Stitches is not terrible but it is a bundle completely useless especially children's hands so then any other there is here and so were I can not see it here We fixed at cloth fabric I that is so dense all the way we catch here a few stitches go here here several of stezhochek we catch on and Now when we recorded and finger and sock our here
  • 11:13: Out of the corner we have to The last thing to do it sew our by podkladochka in a circle bends here and so somewhere yah 0 5 probably millimetrik of the knot we can leave immediately in fix and thread to its hide all begins
  • 11:43: blind stitches sew around the diameter of our mittens here and so I for internal storonochku drink or Select and sew get each
  • 12:15: almost Collar just to podkladochka not not get out much tighten watch for those things to be for we need size here and so for internal petelechki the whole thing, we and we catch sew Basically, I think everyone It is known and understood so here here I made removably sewed This is how it all
  • 12:47: It looks from the outside sides for the second mitten everything is done accurately just only specular reflection all soapy trudged to Now winter pen You can not be all Thanks a lot for teamwork Like place if you it was helpful subscribe to my channel ask questions if you having been with you Anna Information lesson