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Bosnian baktus. Part 3.

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  • 00:00: welcome all to my channel is my baktus ready but not yet I want to tie all after the upper edge edge since the bottom the edge of the fringe we are and on the upper edge I want to tie the lush columns now I want Now you show general view of what he is in Shuai me that's how it so good
  • 00:30: drape after wet-heat processing softer it becomes much and this set a hat is very delicate not bad looks consumption yarn, in principle, baktus I invested in one motochek lana gold yarn to 800 We stayed with me yet
  • 01:00: the remains after the strings knitting caps why I want use a little for Strapping's top lush edge columns as well as in Basically one motochek possible to invest even if the density knitting you tighter It can be several rows remove and you sure arranged in one yarn let motochek when to start Now this dance baktus upper edge
  • 01:30: and attach to the ugolochke thread again I see double thread lanagold to 800 and Knotted 3 Table 3 lifting loop 3 air hinges recovery and then under the first column here we after all on the edge of the columns or lifting loop 3 air hinges rise in a row But for them, and will under
  • 02:01: They will provyazyvat three column nedovyazannyh one nakida January 2 and 3 close another the air and attachable the next hole Again loops 3 lift and more column 1, column 2 column 3 nedovyazanny together
  • 02:32: close another Air and the next opening on 3 lifting loop 1 column nedovyazanny second column nedovyazyvaem 3 column nedovyazanny then 3 column with one apex 1 Air loop and join the next hole and
  • 03:03: and so on will be here this edge if you want want lie down there is no way if you are satisfied a straight edge basically anything I am not against the so also hurt were strings why not used here so until the end of series provyazyvaem here are lush bars
  • 03:33: that's the way will look now my top edge knit more I show what happens eventually We continue to knit on
  • 04:09: around the upper edge Now look for comparison with the obligation to edge and without love you do not like to decide to knit or knit but this is an amateur if you can cut in the same way like me I think this region
  • 04:46: it is worth here is my baktus ready pure conscience can tell that the work is done and I can already report the full program refer to the amount of and the length of my baktus 174 centimeters is already then after steaming I had grown
  • 05:16: house is approximately 168 166 168 10 m increased several centimeters more width 33 centimeter here on middle part baktus a and weight and all baktus already a strapping 125 gram here are size is very soft very soft and warm
  • 05:46: will warm your I think the neck and beautiful and warm and comfortable here such a plan get this Beauty still comments came the idea of Lyudochku the same bind hat same design idea is very interesting good maybe I'll take and and for the next
  • 06:17: I think that the video here to this very baktus well suited cap beanies here this same pattern related columns of one sc connect to This studio columns pattern use for hat if someone I have knitted a similar set I ask you to reset please a reference to comments are interesting to see how will look it's in
  • 06:47: live if not let's try I bind together I think this kit suitable for both kiddies nevertheless more than adults people basically me like even combined with the usual my hat is crocheted here this pattern relief columns too, according to my good looks even under the video will link licking hat
  • 07:18: if you are interested If someone missed and a video will be even a reference to the first the second part as the who knit baktus interesting join if have any questions and weird moments write it in comments I try everything respond well, I think it is so simple pattern that principle as such questions are usually not there it all this while
  • 07:50: I will make a few more frames closer to consider anyone interested relief pattern very good and that it is not. tank 2 contacted strings are not very soft and dense comfortable well wrapped around
  • 08:21: neck here and so cap I sit down on the cap he looks so set without accessories about 150 can be gram a little no more much
  • 08:51: fringe link this baktus
  • 09:22: really for two nights the results are please more a few seconds a general plan I hope you liked contact well or if You have not licked I try to think Such a model is suitable all thank you all for
  • 10:03: pleased to note me write your comments on all until today till