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Bosnian baktus hook. Part 2.

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  • 00:00: greetings to all needlework lovers continue to knit our Bosnian baktus see that my Today there are already tied pretty a lot of more than half have already I was knitting knitted uterus to a certain the time and gradually weighing a motochek when I already had about 50 grams of mother the point I was I ceased
  • 00:31: gaining from the left one edge columns with one sc are my Central here is the ranks are already without additions since column and air Now this series and these are the two a number some posts and another series of bars 1 air here these 4 series I already go without any additions and it I will center my baktus but I did here
  • 01:01: Here you can see the 4 series markers marked and more I can already see in the mirror display that is if I here adds columns respectively here already go to bars now even decrease a time from the middle and baktus length to ugolochke Covenant on my Tackle this moment eighty three centimeter ie if another
  • 01:32: half will I will Patos respectively a length of more than 160 centimeters 166 approximately and it will be one hank I remind yarn I see yarn lana gold 800 2 adding the thread 2 addition and crochet number 3 and so will Today I'll show you how decrease and do go on knit for the second
  • 02:02: baktus part and go We have to reduce more many asked what kind of width will in my case, the width the central part of it 32 centimeters with fringe even if there desire to end yet It will be the edge of it with fringed we will not touch but this edge principle can be
  • 02:32: oblige any rachim step or veerochkami it will be watch because how much yarn you will remain and whether desire to do fasten on Let's be reduce the amount of our columns I show you how to do it and then everything similarly go on decrease that's linked number of ordinary columns with one
  • 03:02: sc in drawing which was not necessary It can be seen and in the end get to now still more columns knit and still we have two
  • 03:32: holes where we it would be necessary to link our bars with one sc to do this sc pull out loop knit Only two loops on We do not leave the hook 2 to knit more Again another sc nedovyazanny column 2 together and now have We have three loops on hook provyazyvaem
  • 04:03: together again show Now all provyazyvaem number of columns to one sc in After two holes in that we need will provyazyvat on the pillar doing sc We take out the first column nedovyazyvaem his only two loops
  • 04:33: and knit together second column the next hole and already 2 nedovyazannyh and the third column loop on the hook provyazyvaem together We continue doing our fringe 5 stitches already again no iron We continue in pattern connection columns in each hole We continue to knit so
  • 05:06: across a number and so on next row again also we will do this the decrease we continue knitting dovyazyvaem second row columns of one sc in the same way and at the end of each
  • 05:40: Facial series will do decrease further several bars and another decrease look like this how much it is three holes still means another post with and then 2 sc not knit nedovyazannyh
  • 06:10: column 1 apex first column nedovyazanny and second column the following loop nedovyazanny now two columns nedovyazannyh and loop hooked provyazyvaem together so way another decrease further fringe overturn
  • 06:40: work going on a back row and connection columns show more next row as do decrease and then everything on the same principle will knit And one moment I talk to that was symmetrically decrease our adding Now knit backing a number of
  • 07:11: Now the third row we columns of one sc and 1 air provyazyvaya at the end of a series of exactly do we need to close 2 2 together with column 1 apex So he 1 through one the previous eyelet series on the air do not and
  • 07:41: pierce even 1 column one sc and now two and the third column loop on the hook provyazyvaem together Now therefore do not We do here air loop and more 2 along the column is It gives us 2 loops decrease further Again, we do 5 aerial loops fringe and
  • 08:12: overturn work on the wrong side and provyazyvaem connection columns on seamy side each loop here so here it is All the principles and techniques secrets of remarkable baktus and and more to we symmetrically do I decrease you recommend
  • 08:43: recount here these These holes holes squares in series with the air bars and air loops to avoid recount here these dense rows it will occupy a lot of time our precious but simply offer recount here these ranks with style and aerial loops what for that when it decrease
  • 09:14: Now the number is in he center of this series respectively was had so much hole as this and so on the next number and is counted This means the following should have as many same hole as well as in the right side the same on the left side then we baktus will rovnenko decrease exactly as would add Xia advise it still count
  • 09:44: to be beautiful if there is a desire you can convert and these series but it repeat takes a lot of time and You do not need excess operation is not necessary Now do the same to diminish here such a small tail, and in this will our baktus ready to continue knitting who have the spirit
  • 10:16: Now knit a back row connection then proceed back to the facial close and in each row facial close to 2 loops it today all continue to knitting independently on next video I I show that I and what happened
  • 10:46: I have set turned a date bye Bye