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HOW to MAKE the BEAUTIFUL TOE WHEN KNITTING SOCKS SPOKES. Knitting lessons spokes. BEGIN to KNIT!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone this video we will devoted to socks and more precisely Moscow how to knit from the toe Socks that he I get a nice rovnenkie neat for Recently, I contacted a lot of couples socks and as a sine I applied the points this method which to act as itself invented course maybe this kind of have something in theory of knitting socks like that, or and to calculate the of torque but it just my estimations
  • 00:30: my attempt my I do not pretend theory on what the unique that Only this option is correct and does otherwise for each suit his socks, and so that's first show means it we they look from the side and is vodka. here the top one from the bottom so that there in this knitting toe obtained a spider nice flat
  • 01:01: it is not bristling here so sharp I'm a little corner do not really like socks and I a principle for I thought of myself as I but in their provyazyvayu First between ubavkami I leave at 2 loops each spoke on the spokes is 4 loop until the end let's say in this case, but here and so knitting one door I provyazyvayu together 2 provyazyva just
  • 01:31: facial at the next spoke respectively in the beginning I provyazyvayu 2 facial and then 2 together provyazyvayu do ubavku ubavki These cases first through and for those glad and It has in each row and until the end of the toe and So what is the principle I invented for themselves let's say that's the They relate socks 64 loops you You know mainly from table that are online to as count to say at what size a
  • 02:01: the number of loops as the loop gain correctly fold 8 to each spoke we turned in eventually even the number of loops thus in about c9 using size 40 the urgent and yarn spokes 22 and a half gaining 4 loops and I see the foundation's foot itself before places are not yet I will hide that is, if the little finger Here is my leg so that I see until I have not the little finger
  • 02:31: It will be closed here Level of chat in the Level all at once leg finger I get closed I start doing ubavki ubavki count so I have 64 loop I I take that number the first digit 6 that is I make a June 1 ubavku through a series of what it means and that it turns out that 12 rows I see there are a number of I I do ubavki second I'm just a number all of provyazyvayu
  • 03:01: the pattern of the second row the third row is obtained basis grandmother fourth row of pattern then 5 ubavka Again a pause and that it turns out that 12 rows I have 12 series of pattern and again provyazyva after that I I start doing in ubavki each row until not long remain on spokes or 8 or 12 loop that is either 3 loops on one spoke or 2 loops on one spoke water socks thin I leaving 3 loops that
  • 03:31: There are only 12 of their easy enough pull together and get Now this is rounded up here a rounded edge if for example I knitting socks from here thicker yarns and here are 32 loops and I did ubavki three times in a row then There are rows of 6 to ubavka by the pattern ubavka chef ubavka then by the pattern the remaining loop I provyazyvala until
  • 04:01: will remain with me two on each spoke because here yarn thicker and it would be difficult pull a good 12 loops so I I pulled and only 8 slightly but significantly it slightly as if here already but also sharpens sock turns so that the so-toe oval and beautiful and have a look here I did ubavki leaving at the end of first special on one loop that is
  • 04:31: if we are to 2 loop it like this here scar turns us in the four loops here one department and that hem in the two loop that too it looks decent there are some basic This principle is time that I I use to see the moment the foot until it disappears pinky after that I look how many I dialed loops and the first digit of number as Bob done through a series of
  • 05:01: gained 40 loops and 44 times do ubavki through a series of there took 56 stitches known 5 times ubavki through a series of score 72 loop means seven times ubavki and through a series of then the rest loop knit do ubavki in each row until there either 8 or 12 loops that you draw Now this principle provyazyvaniya toes I use get a very I am very beautiful I hope you like it It will also be useful and
  • 05:32: come in handy [music]