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  • 00:00: hello my Dear subscribers and visit my channel Today I want to cook potato pancakes is a traditional Belarusian dish it It looks delicious on pancakes but softer posochnee this is what I have prepared for this purpose kilogram have purified I usually potatoes I take somewhere around half kilograms and less cleanings at I kilogram potato is already
  • 00:31: purified 300 grams of mushrooms me it mushrooms 2 onions slightly of cream me need 1 egg salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon flour 300 grams of mine is pork belly here so who wants to I cook it Let the dish together to cook for First we need to
  • 01:03: cut in small pieces bacon finely chop the onion and finely Cut the mushrooms we this will fry Now I have already sliced ​​onion and bacon and mushrooms Finely chop today I will fry meat with onions and mushrooms separately fry fry first
  • 01:37: will someone on the way protein he gave us need greaves such were very delicious 2 site funky you a little and fry up golden brown Now add the onions and all this, too, fry smell
  • 02:07: I was blown away so well struck fry in an also until golden brown Now I fry mushrooms in here I drain already see from Zhirkov I have here fat here
  • 02:37: formed from the sound bacon and heat up fighting mushrooms now we have potatoes Now kilogram grate the potatoes either on a small grater as pancakes or So I'll be on the processor on with you rub in I ask all a question that I have for computer processor in my Bosch here to
  • 03:07: unfortunately not preserved me model number because this the company has more than Wood seven years almost 8 years with this and it kopecks he is still I have here are nasadochki and here there's shredder this is such a Turk it is for French fries These are the teeth in it
  • 03:37: for the Korean carrot is such grater with one hand Now Korean carrots and rub with it turns out the other as a bakery grater Now I think it's on to Korean carrot grater and it's just finely so and now this shooting I melenko Today will be her pancakes network here is juicer it
  • 04:09: but I was never her I use here inserted here this grater and all I harvester from the truth here close lid so we'll see though now I'm rearranging a little camera and Now I'm going to
  • 04:39: processor grind potatoes including its make some noise a little bit now I'm all you
  • 05:26: I show what happened Well that's what happened Here is a potato as pancakes juice is not you need to merge starch that stands out potato Now all that's here I mushrooms and bacon onions I add all the potatoes here Now to the last drop
  • 06:00: let's I had to Now I put hands of all here we have potatoes salam well with bacon and mushroom This was stirred
  • 06:30: I add more cream 2 tablespoons of it that potatoes are not It was dark and it was getting dark so I add here one tablespoon of egg spoon of salt flour
  • 07:01: I taste here are three and put a pinch It has to add pepper pepper too add to taste who likes to fuck all Now this mass mix is what
  • 07:32: we made it It smells already very tasty mix things up and now we will all fill in form baking dish I here and so little
  • 08:04: grease the oil creamy on the edges and bottom like that a little bit and fill all our prepared Here are how to call clang Moore
  • 08:35: flatten and so as I have a glass I form the oven not previously warmed up so now we will send it in the oven All this is now
  • 09:05: the beauty of the ship to the oven at at 180 degrees for 1 hour to get a very golden brown here 5 minutes before availability can be put on the best oven top just send in oven on a fur coat in our oven folder just open the camera
  • 09:37: misted so far away here now I'm rearranging five minutes our potato pancakes on the top there it You see what I now Transposing to the top So you see I have it already put the top five Moments no longer here this grandmother
  • 10:09: potato with I have mushrooms it turned out bacon very tasty it at I stood in an hour oven at at 180 degrees and five minutes on the top shelf of the oven it fried verhushechku here's to a little Ruddy for it was here this turned out it smells wonderful now we will try here I cut a piece
  • 10:42: very tasty with sour cream and milk I have a cold today I show it Referring cut so Now the camera a little before and well, Look piece It is very dense for consistency and easy to cut with a knife is such a beauty it
  • 11:13: delicious sure it cook, I'm sure it all enjoy it great taste it is simply delicious so now I have it all I try it here so soft gently with meat with mushrooms
  • 11:43: still hot but very tasty very gently Super very tasteless sure it prepare Now see what it inside you can see very my delicious
  • 12:15: all good bon appetit who prepared it with me and who also, and cook cook with pleasure raduyte their relatives and close to the ambulance meeting goodbye my darlings