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  • 00:00: today we are going to sew travel bag travel bag will stitching denim I'll take tissue sila summer league herringbone which I do not I want to carry on tissues and even whole strong steams and then you can not edge ripped I get Details one piece the same another and even more so here Now item means because here Denim we there are some
  • 00:30: the saliency we have cut out of existing conditions that I'll have a big our part to lay down in two Now this will cut off the that is white it will have two the main parts the front wall and back take our linings and then take another cloth to it was more robust and plump our assistance to continue we put mosquito
  • 01:01: the net to stiffening top placing our jeans up 4, four layers of data fecal needles very comfortable with balls and then sewn sews through four layers I scribble these lines lengthwise and then crosswise absolutely not trying keep the evenness one part flour I
  • 01:31: stitched but turned such here Detail is our front side of paradise Detail is also ready additionally applied freely chassis line is there is such curly line in principle, those who can not and can do Basically, you can video this is our front wall we made bags a small pocket on the Velcro Velcro
  • 02:02: pocket and held very firmly decided and it seams outside so to speak little seen them Now I would like to disguise the pouch making bill pocket larger the there is something like this Now that we have a pocket We do come up some Valve and now we We take our own dinner our fabric linings I put my face to the face
  • 02:34: Now I ask exactly as we do with This valve face I'm part of the valve I put our Lining Sew the fabric in such a Here and in a semicircle Then I will turn out carve billet Here in our pocket such a valve and now see that we We should do more I took another tissue and carve diagonally you see here diagonal funds lots and lots of stripes
  • 03:04: width of four centimeter, I sewed them in one long long tape then I bent one edge of one centimeter and stitched I have long, long preform oblique beev and now we are starting to processing oblique beks I take our we first pocket processed pocket and then all the rest Details will also handle this paste inlay I take
  • 03:34: pocket I put no Brian bent pocket sewn sewn along along rain all pocket lower side sides when they will I sewed by one here inside edge they do not have is folded will once again Stitch a seam or zigzag pockets here such I have turned pocket neat edge here and so all looks I am here when I
  • 04:04: Swiveling I zigzagged pierced to accurately Here's a grab Now the valve is processed the upper part is made there is still a loop because he is must somehow Now closed we are left to take our front wall, we simply putting a We need to become extinct necessarily centering put above and just We sew just as well Valve put on top
  • 04:35: and that's just this edge and sew here we still do We are stepping to run away manufacturing our glass bottom and I decided that I will sidewall turning into beggars passing on knee ie I need make one a a long I'm a rectangle preparing just such a here front side initially wanted made from denim cloth all eat rectangle but it had not enough make the cloth
  • 05:05: we make ring and we must do yet seen on the same principle as we did basic details of the has put on the left then part or put inside in thick cloth thickening then we put on 100 masonry fabric gray has no such a sandwich of three layers and most importantly that the middle of where we
  • 05:38: there is poverty there where a piece of denim we have another layer and put it I took the cardboard will this portion of the pitch shoe box ie between the layers we put this another layer now all these layers must not chop off ticks and then flash a few lines to all of these three layers with something scribbled three layer
  • 06:08: somewhere else four layers bottom then I I am doing something stranger that was exactly because in some places Sura notes places It is going under the that was all ideally Then I took cut the edge to were straight even long Now that the rectangle I managed This band means all lined center these parts of the same size and now all our items are absolutely All that is, is front and rear wall and this is now sidewall we all
  • 06:38: should treat bias binding as as a pocket that is, we take an oblique Bakey We are putting the edge then sews turn down and inside out again sews zigzag Getting to the handles to make the handles I I will take this time to and a bag a piece of wire some cable any piece some cable electricity 2 identical and we sheathe the left
  • 07:11: cloth when I cable cut skirt ripped at the bottom I have been here such that's where the pieces were little you transfer Yes, I said that I anywhere they have not yet applicable and now I'm back to pile up According to our sludge and now we just take our a piece of wire wrap and cloth a wish for edge can be done even easier to just roll sew and then push
  • 07:41: to our cottage the wire but the edges have to be empty because of are we just sew our methane we are all ready components in I have two pens note here here here is the wire inside the empty comfort in end and processed bias binding as all the details I has a rear wall front wall Lightning that I
  • 08:11: just like everyone else processed after inlay made a loop in end and a loop and first sidewall but here these sidewall Now I sidewall I took another pinch up to it taking shape in and when Let what is here so here is a little and now sews we come to assembly we first sew the handle that is I take the front Panel picked up a pen
  • 08:42: just enclose just enclose and just sew and I sewed ready pen and now we you need to connect the bottom our main parts Now here I charted atlas and Here, too, there is a center I take enclose combine alignment and more zigzag stitch
  • 09:12: however over the edge here and here and here just do back panel the bottom sidewall us left to decide This last detail lightning that treated with the same all parties simply connecting to remember our bag I identified centers and so the center is on lightning so we are putting starting from the center can say
  • 09:42: bulavochkami needles and just I finished sew my purse decided by So it looks side and so It is running at all easy and just all open very comfortable very comfortable time it is lightning detachable I came across honestly saying I bought this because they do not it was a one-piece is very
  • 10:13: even well because that can be wider disclose the purse on I made handles additional cuff because Experience shows operation is these places are wiped for the first time here You can unpick and wash them I rented video you turned rewarding good put the class and You can also I wish you to sign creative inspiration [applause]