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Holiday table. Snack for a buffet reception  See details »

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  • 00:00: and over all hello today I want to show banquet tables at us it will be snacks I have a child birthday today and he ordered buffet table so that is interesting Stay with me and and start of the long process we will do barbecue in the bank for this we need meat it marinate more yesterday in his favorite pieces of meat sauce cut into small prepare skewers soaked in their
  • 00:30: water and ready in three-liter jar I add a jar dill and balances parsley bay sheet and pepper strung on skewers alternating the meat with onions and put the jar [music] is such a beauty
  • 01:03: He turned me Now we must add here a little some water lid of foil and send the oven for an hour very 15 minutes before ready to open to meat I blushed bake potatoes I washed and obsushennye potatoes [music] each potato with I
  • 01:34: I salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil [music] also add garlic [music] each potato I I put a piece of bacon sacrificed and skewer Bake in a post oven and when will ready decorated dill Now we get cheese roll for
  • 02:05: we need it 3 eggs and 100 grams of cream add a pinch salts and mixed [music] three fingers here and there adds black pepper and 250 grams of cheese obtained I poured the mixture on
  • 02:39: greaseproof paper in baking and and I send it in the oven minutes on October 12 roll ready and we have to wait until he cool Let us and now cheese balls in me here grated 2 processed cheeses book add 2 eggs garlic and mayonnaise [music] with the mass obtained
  • 03:10: forming balls and here I have grated yolk [music] the resulting pellets passed on to dish [music] roll cool and I
  • 03:42: grease Philadelphia Dill also here pepper and salt added spread marinated cucumbers and wrap roll [music] [music] and decorate our roll
  • 04:18: with the help of dill Thank you [music] and now we it will only Cut to the next snacks us You need bread sauce cheese, ham, and any cucumbers [music] Well
  • 04:55: [music] [music] and snack ready then I will cook muse on crackers for this we It needs a cracker salty and I Boiled chicken spices and stayed proteins after salad paired curds Now the chicken and hands to grind
  • 05:25: [music] I add here remaining salt dill and white pepper if the mass of costs or can be dry add any cream butter or slightly forecast [music] we shift in oil package [music]
  • 05:57: and lay on crackers [music] decorate and snack I'll be ready decorating with the help of quail egg olives and parsley [music] for the next
  • 06:29: snack options is is a salad tartlet us It needs green onions boiled chicken cheese, egg and cucumber [music] [music] this [music]
  • 07:00: add pepper and mayonnaise [music] and we shift in a salad tartlets decorate onions [music] clever and our snack ready
  • 07:30: We collect canapés [music] [music] and Canada is ready prepare vegetable cutting and our table ready [music] [music]
  • 08:08: and vegetable dish ready and that's what I got festive table ready and everyone interested I liked this video put the huskies subscribe to until we meet channel bye Bye [music]