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Useful tips from the mechanic: replacement of a clamping ruler as it is correct to oil the carriage Councils from the mechanic!!! Sergey Votrin, works and lives in Nizhny Novgorod. Makes repair of knitting cars: Silver and Brazer. At it there is a lot of in sales...  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today to visit me came mechanic and a little I needed it Help Sergei I know For more than 10 years we We met him yet when I was working on knitting mill and Now show me What I have a problem and weaknesses on my knitting machine and you may need it too It will be useful so useful see more videos Hello main reason for which I feel bad visa the reason for this is when
  • 00:30: carriage jammed or do not move is pressing to Venya she wears take away everything come off it will be necessary replace the inserted press replacing vi century is can convolution pull it and to substitute and put a new line the line should be red press needle needle slowly and gradually
  • 01:03: paste them into former place only you hand block or seen here look like that and then measure promotion and will have press draws a time course quickly remove Shiva It does not interfere with watching that arms were not top and pressed all after line staged Matthew that wolves do not
  • 01:33: We hung out and were not top of the line, or It happens after the line well and on top of that is, down it was correctly thread and tucked needle may break it is also how to knit after in lineup set you should check to be carriage carry sides
  • 02:04: needle is operating position benefited from the can pass Baba side of the carriage not hurt good then connect with carriage We put forward sewing the lower fan and tori also conduct to and lower
  • 02:35: the bottom line is often you have to change this extra not lower line almost never not you eggs only drawback is when needle touches humiliate volume breaks piedmont springs and wolves fall arbitrarily here example here You see they keep if there is a spring He broke down the well in
  • 03:05: Basically here is great it is not without foam and and and the main thing that she insert it correctly created leave is about the shore and put the top position She was once a needle I fought Gift River Sea sponges changing the way to ruler and here and so to the top or you to raise their replace the bottom
  • 03:35: Livonian culture lower installed it Antalya is necessary to top It is such the also inversely and today do not have it at home changed its set be substituted in posts and holes, and press it to substitute its original position and then to here especially here at the ends should be spick and span raising verify what are they
  • 04:06: stood by Council on their place if you have them not fully whether line snaps So wrong see here appeared who is now know everything for like here then to 7 look and carriage bad it must walk lubricate here in these but as places
  • 04:36: properly lubricated carriage Well, basically a lot Pouring oil not lights undesirable since oil inside the carriage for not for inside little because of it starts dirty yarn has basic moments lubrication is it is necessary to oil lubricate here on moving parts and where is sliding carriage here in this place where accounts
  • 05:06: touch here here it is not visible again it seems here this place should be grease mandatory and edges and especially account in jacquard depression volume shame it should be pay attention here these locks are here all load because during and jacquard and Press here falls these two locks it is desirable to lubricate to work but before work and at
  • 05:36: least once a month dependence is a cat how long you knit so here pay for it attention, you see that's not from the way blurry you can watch just cloth lubricate may be it is not necessary to you just take written first Now take the oilcan can on a napkin
  • 06:07: or on the cloth and then that's neat meet one You take away the dirt and to grease It was such here small thin plyonochku here and here naturally all the same the most in a single You take away the dirt here with these essays there remained Whether particles yarn which may or thread
  • 06:38: It is desirable since all die of ca. Sergey for me as settling knitting car and enlisted knitting density so as I have two circuits 2 invoices not knitted gum laugh fit quite perfect Thanks to Sergey, and we tied behind this morning a lot of samples so will all but then to dismiss but knitting machine
  • 07:08: may rest knitters turned for pay consultation by the river call then probably then I can well all the details I leave under this video