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Gentle lemon cream - the lemon Kurd for cakes and tartlets. A lemon stuffing for kapkeyk  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello friends today we will prepare here is a wonderful very tasty lemon cream that well suited for cakes and tartlets are products that you need and we We start with eggs and sugar first need them together stir whisk and then add butter which it was previously cut small pieces The oil not It has to be at room point you You can even take
  • 00:30: butter from the refrigerator Now our task at constant stirring to bring this mass to the temperature of 50 degrees for control temperature is very convenient to use thermometer that inserted directly into whisk while the thermometer should not be touch the bottom sauté pan but whisk you should very tight pressed to the one for the To eggs not cooked and burnt but that is a thermometer a little higher lift and all this will
  • 01:01: it is now sufficient if you do not thermometer guided by your consistency oil must be good disperse in common weight, and can then add lemon to Orange juice I usually mix them in ratio of one to one that is for half of cream used only fresh juices but it's not a problem I I think in our day and if you cook it the amount of cream which is listed in this recipe you It needs 60 grams the total weight of the juice to 30
  • 01:32: Each gram is now at constant stirring cream We need to make a thick puddings and of course be careful to eggs are not cooked You are not new It turned omelette after it needs to break through blender our cream to it has become more smooth and uniform but note that cream in hot able to remain liquid and stabilizing its to cool if you do not plan use cream at once then you need to get him in
  • 02:02: refrigerator covering previously in cling film contact Now Look how the cream will father after full cool it stabilized and It has become quite dense but if you do afraid that not good enough brewed cream afraid digest the eggs you You can add cream in hot 5 grams of state pre-soaked gelatin, then your Cream exactly acquire desired consistency and now on how to lead Cream and working
  • 02:32: condition after complete cooling in the fridge for do this pulses microwave bit loop growth warm cream impulses have be 10-15 seconds remember how you drown in chocolate microwave general warm-up time from You will go around minutes after each pulse check creamy that it does not overheated and then whisk to break up uniform state because middle, you will have thicker than
  • 03:02: edge and can start Now work with him on features this cream is enough liquid so with him We have to work as well as for example with berry filling the there it will need to the cake to seal in denser layer cream for this purpose can be used cream cheese or e.g. Oil cream for those who I love here in this case alignment and cake sealing lemon cream I I use cream cheese recipe is also are on the channel and
  • 03:32: so we thin layer on cake inflict cream cheese then der and make He and the top rim pour a liquid lemon cream then flatten his spatula and laid on top next biscuit shortcake It was not until the Unless we reach topmost biscuit cake and now is the interesting liquid lemon cream allows you to the surface of your perfect cake smooth and even without additional
  • 04:02: efforts and for this to top biscuit Korzh we do in the same way as with the intermediate there is a thin layer on sponge cake Apply the cream to which going cake aligning and then We do this more dense cream rim over by a portico Of course you have to to work more carefully than on intermediate and after make tidy beautiful rim much easier than align cake rather it
  • 04:32: face cream so I can chase to believe Oh by the way all the details assembly and cake alignment you You will be able to find one of our videos I leave a reference to prompt and description of this video way too one interesting video not seen please look can be useful but is now when your rim good enough aligned can fill top lemon cream slightly trim spatula and immediately
  • 05:03: send to refrigerator here see that it turns out in the end result in what is now on perimeter can otsadit any stable cream to close the white rim and decorate as your desire cake got very cute and if you like Like and put subscribe to our channel we are still very a lot about Desserts and Baking all good mood and to new meetings on the air till